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Corporator Involvement Committee Update

Corporator Involvement Committee Update
New Committee Members Are Welcome

More than half of Emerson’s corporators attended the Corporator Annual Meeting in April, and many were reminded or encouraged to do so because a member of the Corporator Involvement Committee had been in touch.

That’s their job, says Laurel Millette, committee chair.  “We make between four and six rounds of calls each year, often prior to events, meetings and corporator breakfasts,” she explains.  “But our goal is to serve as a resource for corporators.  Do they need information?  Are they aware of what the various committees are doing?  What are the ways they can participate?”

At the Corporator Annual Meeting, Ms. Millette staffed a table where she distributed a listing of opportunities for corporators to consider.  The list included volunteering at one of Emerson’s many annual events, joining one of the corporator committees and getting involved with specific groups, such as the hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, which is seeking to add new community members.  Corporators were encouraged to consider an area where they’d like to help.  To view the list, click here.

“The friendliest group of people”

One area looking for help is the Corporator Involvement Committee, currently comprised of Ms. Millette and Nancy Carapezza, who is from Wayland.  “We are actively soliciting new members,” says Ms. Millette, a Westford corporator.  “We’d like to have five committee members.” 

The requirements are straightforward, she notes.  “Ideally, committee members should know Emerson fairly well, or at least not be new to the hospital.  And they need to enjoy chatting with other corporators.”  Committee members often send emails to say that they will be in touch by phone.

Committee participation requires no heavy lifting, according to Ms. Carapezza.  “Serving on the committee can be done on your own time,” she says.  “You don’t need to leave your home or office.
“Besides, this is the friendliest group of people you’d ever want to talk with.  It’s great to connect with other corporators.  They typically say ‘thank you so much for calling.’”

The information flows in both directions, she adds.  “We might want to remind them of an upcoming event, especially if they haven’t RSVP’d, but most people have plenty to say, from suggestions about topics for upcoming meetings to their experiences at Emerson.

“I’m blown away by the involvement some people have in the hospital.  They tell me how great it is to be an Emerson corporator.”

Ms. Millette agrees that connecting one-on-one with fellow corporators is a pleasure.  “They tend to be generous with their feedback, praise and comments,” she says.

Corporators can contact Ms. Millette (lmillette@millettelaw.com or 781-372-1070) and Ms. Carapezza (npez@comcast.net or 508-358-4947) with their questions, comments or interest in joining the committee.