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Corporator Involvement Committee Update

The committee has expanded in size

Members of the Corporator Involvement Committee will soon be busy checking in with corporators who have not sent in their RSVPs. The focus is on encouraging them to attend the rescheduled Emerson Health System Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 16, at the Westford Regency Inn and Conference Center.

“We always try to email people first to say ‘you’ll be hearing from us,’” says Laurel Millette, committee chair. “And when we call, we’re quick to ask whether or not it’s a good time to talk.”

Whether committee members are calling about an upcoming meeting—the annual meeting, the regular breakfast meetings or other Emerson events—making contact is a good opportunity for corporators to ask questions. “Even though we’re the ones placing the call, corporators should feel free to talk about any subject on their minds,” says Ms. Millette. “And we encourage them to reach out to members of the committee anytime.”

The committee has expanded in size with the arrival of Alan Emmet and Tim Gibson. Ms. Emmet, a long-time Westford resident, has been a corporator for five years. “I’ve been a patient at Emerson, and our physicians are at Westford Internal Medicine,” she says. “Emerson is our hospital. I consider it a privilege to be a corporator, and I thought I ought to do something to help.”

She is happy to be part of the Corporator Involvement Committee. “I’ve talked to some nice people and left a lot of messages about attending the annual meeting,” she says. “I’ve attended every one of the annual meetings since I became a corporator. And I love the breakfast meetings. You learn so much.”

Mr. Gibson grew up in Concord and returned to town 11 years ago. He owns Gibson & Associates, the Concord insurance firm he established five years ago. The firm provides life, disability and long-term care insurance.

“I got to know Emerson when I visited the Emergency Department a few times as a kid,” he recalls. More recently, he’s spent time in the Clough Birthing Center. “We had all four of our children at Emerson; the experience was great every time.”

When Ms. Millette asked if he would consider joining the committee, he was quick to respond. “I’ve been a corporator for quite a while,” says Mr. Gibson, “so I know a lot of them.”

“Nancy and I are delighted that Tim and Alan have joined our committee,” says Ms. Millette, in reference to Nancy Carapezza. “Their addition has reduced the number of calls that each of us will need to make. As a result, we have a little more time to speak with corporators who are eager to talk.” There is room for one more committee member; contact Ms. Millette at lmillette@davismalm.com or 617-589-3889 if you are interested.

Corporators are encouraged to put the Emerson Health System Annual Meeting—April 16—on their calendars. Those who do not send in an RSVP can expect to be contacted by a committee member.