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Corporator Involvement Committee Update

There is room on the committee for those who are “good on the phone”

Don’t hang up; that friendly voice on the phone may be a member of the Corporator Involvement Committee. According to Laurel Millette, committee chair, committee members have good reasons to place periodic calls to corporators.

“We have two kinds of calls we make,” Ms. Millette explains. “There are the calls intended to touch base—mainly to ask how the corporator experience is going and if there is anything they need, such as information on how they can get involved with Emerson.

“The other type of call has to do with specific issues, typically following up on RSVPs for upcoming events,” she says. “But for us, even those calls are a wonderful opportunity to talk with a fellow corporator.”

A round of calls will begin in January to remind corporators of the Emerson Healthcare System Annual Meeting on January 27, when new corporators will be voted in. Committee members usually send an email letting each corporator know that they can expect a phone call.

The Corporator Annual Meeting, designed especially for corporators, is scheduled for April 16.

Considering joining the Corporator Involvement Committee

Ms. Millette and Nancy Carapezza, the other committee member, are in the process of recruiting new members, which will lighten the phone-calling load. “Ideally, we’d like to have four or five committee members,” says Ms. Millette.

There is only one requirement to join the committee, she adds. “You need to be good on the phone—that is, enjoy spending time on the phone with fellow corporators.

“Most corporators know that we are here as a resource for them. They might have questions or need information. As Chris Schuster always says, ‘there are so many ways to contribute to Emerson in terms of a corporator’s time, talent and treasure.’ We’re here to help them find a way to participate.”

Corporators can contact Ms. Millette (lmillette@davismalm.com or 617-589-3889) and Ms. Carapezza (npez@comcast.net or 508-358-4947) with their questions, comments or interest in joining the committee.