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Christine Schuster, CEO, Emerson Hospital
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Corporator Involvement Committee Update

No script involved in effort to connect with corporators

If your phone was ringing in October, it may have been a member of the Corporator Involvement Committee.  Nancy Carapezza, Laurel Millette or Bruce Osterling, chair, placed phone calls that resulted in more than 60 conversations with Emerson corporators.  The goal: to hear what corporators think.

“There is no script,” says Ms. Millette of the open-ended conversations.  “The calls are very informal.  We want the corporators to know that the hospital cares about what they think.  We’re a resource for them, whether they have questions or wish to voice their opinions.”

Those who attend corporator events typically have positive opinions to share.  “The breakfast and dinner meetings are highly regarded,” notes Mr. Osterling.  “We listen to what they have to say, and we usually have some news for them.  For example, the hospital recently finished fiscal year 2013 solidly in the black, and the Annual Appeal set a record for funds raised.  People were pleased to hear that.”

“I find the conversations with corporators to be overwhelmingly positive,” adds Ms. Millette.  “Many of them said they feel the group is going in the right direction, and they appreciate having opportunities for networking.  In addition, they are interested in clinical programs at Emerson, health care reform and health care in general.”

Mr. Osterling notes that more calls were completed during the fall because the committee sent emails informing corporators they would be in touch.  “I think giving people a heads up helped us in reaching them.”

And when they do, all feedback from Emerson’s ambassadors is welcome.  “Our corporators are an intelligent, sophisticated group of individuals,” says Ms. Millette.  “Any input we receive from them will be used constructively.  And if corporators prefer to keep certain feedback anonymous, that is fine, too.  The most important thing is that everyone realizes how valuable their input, opinions and experiences are to the hospital leadership, and that their voices will be heard.”