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Corporator Involvement Committee Update

A successful calling campaign prior to a delayed annual meeting

You might say they arrived just in time. According to Laurel Millette, chair of the Corporator Involvement Committee, the unprecedented postponing of the Emerson Health System Annual Meeting—twice—meant that committee members were on email or on the phone quite a bit.

“Our new team is awesome,” says Ms. Millette in reference to the recent additions of Alan Emmet of Westford and Tim Gibson of Concord. “Because the annual meeting was rescheduled twice, we had to put together an ambitious calling campaign.” It is a testament to the committee members that the gathering drew a larger number of attendees than last year.

Initially, they followed up on invitations to the January meeting, but as the winter weather wreaked havoc throughout the region, they were soon contacting corporators about the change in date—first, to February and then to April 16, the existing date for the Corporator Annual Meeting.

“We made a lot of repeat calls, but it paid off,” says Ms. Emmet. “Everyone understood; there was nothing we could do about the weather.”

Several corporators said they were pleased to have the annual meeting move to April, notes Nancy Carapezza, another committee member. “They said they were delighted to be going in the spring when it was light out, rather than driving on a winter night.”

Ms. Millette agrees that corporators exhibited patience and goodwill. “I think they appreciate our protocol for communicating prior to an upcoming event, which begins with an email that provides an opportunity for them to RSVP that way,” she explains. “If we don’t receive an email response, we place a call.

“Some corporators want a longer phone conversation, because they have questions about their role and responsibilities as corporators. We won’t plan to call again until we have a major event, but corporators need to know that we’re here as a resource to them—anytime. And there are four of us now.”

Ms. Carapezza says that, with four committee members sharing the communication work, the load has lightened. But she’s quick to note that connecting with Emerson’s corporators is a pleasure.

“It’s the most pleasant group of individuals,” she says. “They share their input, they care about being corporators, and they seem pleased that we’re communicating with them in a personal way.”

If you would like to join the Corporator Involvement Committee, please contact Ms. Millette at lmillette@davismalm.com or 617-589-3889.