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Corporator Development Office Update

Corporator Development Office Update

Please Give Generously to Support the Annual Appeal

It is a goal all corporators should care about: 100 percent participation in Emerson's all-important Annual Appeal.  With the end of hospital's fiscal year-September 30-less than four months away, the Annual Appeal Committee is working closely with the development office to encourage all corporators to give.

At this point in the year, approximately 50 percent of corporators have made their gift to the Annual Appeal.  "That means we're on par with last year at this time," notes Diane Chellis, assistant director of the Emerson Health Care Foundation.  "We have received about $169,000 from corporators so far."

The spring phonathon is a big reason why.  The successful April event raised more than $41,000 in pledges, says Lynn Martin, who chairs the Annual Appeal Committee.  "Many thanks to all who contributed when we called them," she says.  "And our thanks go to the committee members who made the calls."

Jeff Campbell, a member of the foundation board, joined the group, which is comprised mostly of corporators.  Ms. Martin drew her own name and won the evening's traditional raffle prize-a bottle of wine.

More telephone outreach is planned this summer, along with additional mailings that hopefully will show that the fundraising thermometer is heading up steadily.  "We appreciate and thank all corporators who have already made their gifts to the Annual Appeal," says Ms. Chellis.  "Corporators who have not done so yet will hear from us in the coming weeks.  We ask that they give generously."

Why I Give: Jack LaMothe

Jack LaMothe remembers his first impression of Emerson Hospital.  It was 1976, and his family had recently moved from New York City to Concord.  One day, his 12-year-old daughter was seriously injured on her way home from school.

"As she got off the school bus, a teenage driver backed out of a nearby driveway and pinned our daughter against the bus," recalls Mr. LaMothe, who has been a corporator since 2005.  "We knew she was hurt, so we called 911, and the ambulance took her to the Emerson emergency room.  They gave her emergency care, followed by potentially life-threatening surgery to repair her bladder, which was ruptured."  She spent more than a week recovering at Emerson and received outstanding care.

"Over the years, we've turned to Emerson many times-my wife, Cynthia, and I, as well as our grandson, who broke his arm at one time and needed stitches another time," says Mr. LaMothe, noting that Emerson has taken care of the vast majority of the family's health needs.

This past May, his 10-year-old grandson suffered a serious injury resulting from a bike accident, and Mr. LaMothe was reminded again of the importance of having Emerson nearby.  "The handlebars twisted and hit his stomach," he says.  "The 911 response was almost immediate; he was strapped to a board and taken to Emerson.

"The handlebar had penetrated his intestine, which required highly complex surgery, so he was sent by medivac to Children's Hospital.  In about 12 minutes, the helicopter landed at Emerson's helipad, in about two and a half hours he was out of the operating room, and three days later he was home in Concord-sore, but blessedly alive and healing.  What a relief to our family."

Mr. and Mrs. LaMothe have supported Emerson through the years.  "Emerson offers first-rate care," says Mr. LaMothe.  "When you need a higher level of care, you have access to the many health care facilities that are affiliated with Emerson, such as Mass General.  Those kinds of linkages are important to a lot of people."

In 2009, Mr. LaMothe was asked to join the Annual Appeal Committee.  "Jack is a loyal committee member who always participates in our fundraising phonathons," says Ms. Chellis.  "He has real allegiance to Emerson."

Mr. LaMothe says he values the hospital and is happy to support it. "It's all about having immediate access to the best health care available," he adds.

Save the Date for a Behind the Scenes Tour Of the New Center for Sports Rehabilitation

The design is complete, and construction is slated to begin in early August, and-best of all-corporators will be invited to learn more about Emerson's new Center for Sports Rehabilitation and Specialty Services at an event for them on Wednesday, September 17.  The highly regarded service is moving to expanded space at 310 Baker Avenue.  A fundraising initiative to offset the construction costs is underway with the goal of raising $3 million.

"We're planning a preview of the new center for our corporators," says Melissa Saalfield, major gifts officer.  "Rehab therapists will be on hand to speak directly with our corporators about the services they provide."  The center is adjacent to Emerson's existing Center for Health and Wellness, which will facilitate beneficial crossover programming.

"One of the reasons the center is moving has to do with the need to expand the space," she says.  "For example, area pediatricians have requested additional space for treatment of children."  The new location will include the Cantu Concussion Center, named to honor Robert C. Cantu, MD, chief of the neurosurgery service and director of sports medicine at Emerson. 

"The number of people who come to Emerson for rehabilitation services is astounding," says Ms. Saalfield.  "They include those who have had surgery or a stroke, children with autism, athletes and individuals going through cancer treatment.  The staff is highly specialized; many have their masters or doctoral degrees."

"The growth in our services has occurred because we've expanded our clinical skills to respond to the community's needs," says Terrie Enis, director of rehabilitation services and the featured speaker at the September event.  "We provide specialized treatment for Parkinson's disease, for vestibular or balance problems and injury prevention screenings for golf, running and cycling.

"It's an exciting time to be a rehab professional, because healthcare is shifting to focus on wellness and quality of life," she adds.  "We motivate, inspire and help community residents overcome barriers to lead a healthy, active lifestyle."

Watch for your invitation to the September 17 event.