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Corporator Executive Committee Update


After the annual meeting, on to a busy season

Despite the need to reschedule the Emerson Health System Annual Meeting—twice, due to snowstorms—it was a well-attended event, and all business was accomplished.  That included voting in Emerson’s panel of corporators for 2015, among them 20 new members. 

Among the 214 individuals in attendance at the meeting, 62 percent were corporators, followed by Emerson staff, medical staff, guests and board members.  High points included a report on the hospital’s performance by Christine Schuster, president and CEO, and a presentation by Gregg S. Meyer, MD, MSC, chief clinical officer at Partners HealthCare, “The New Face of Population Health Management.”

Karen Donoghue made her first appearance as co-chair of the Corporator Executive Committee.  Ms. Donoghue, who chaired the Corporator Nominating and Orientation Committee for seven years, now serves with Bill Ryan, co-chair. 

Three weeks later, Ms. Donoghue and Mr. Ryan welcomed 45 corporators to the spring corporator breakfast. The gathering featured Kay Lee Kim, MD, a cardiologist at Emerson Cardiovascular Associates.  Dr. Kim is an electrophysiologist, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders.  “Dr. Kim brought along a variety of devices—pacemakers and implantable defibrillators—and explained the progress that has been made in this type of technology,” says Mr. Ryan.  “She took lots of questions from the audience.”

The yearly corporator cycle continues, Ms. Donoghue notes.  “Most new corporators have attended orientation and have been invited to a summer coffee and conversation with Chris Schuster.  We get busy again in September.”

Getting busy includes bringing on a new group of corporators.  “People should begin thinking about individuals in the community who will make good Emerson corporators,” she adds.  “Nominations will be requested in the fall.” 

Corporators are asked to save these upcoming dates:

• Emerson Corporator Dinner: Wednesday, September 16 – details to come

• Emerson Hospital Corporators/Middlesex Chamber of Commerce Event: Tuesday, September 29, 5:30-7:00 pm, Emerson Hospital, John Cuming Building, first floor atrium; presentation by Jon DuBois, MD, medical director of medical oncology, Mass General Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital-Bethke