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Corporator Executive Committee Update

See You at the Emerson Health System Annual Meeting on April 16

It is the time of year when new corporators should already have been voted in at the Emerson Health System Annual Meeting. Thanks to relentless New England weather, the meeting was cancelled twice, and the decision was made to hold it on April 16—originally the date for the Corporator Annual Meeting.

“The Emerson bylaws state that a meeting with at least 10 percent of corporators in attendance is required to vote on the new slate of both new and renewing corporators,” explains Jeanne Kangas, co-chair of the Corporator Executive Committee. “That will happen at the annual meeting on April 16. In the meantime, the hospital is acting as though the new corporators have been elected and is doing business as usual—inviting them to orientation sessions, corporator breakfasts and other events.”

The 20 new corporators bring diverse backgrounds, interests and energy to the role of serving as ambassadors in their respective towns. There is good news on that score, says Bill Ryan, the committee’s other co-chair. “Eight of our new corporators are from towns that have been under-represented,” says Mr. Ryan, citing Groton, Harvard, Lexington, Littleton, Maynard, Stow and Westford.

Regardless of whether they are brand-new corporators or have served for years, all corporators are encouraged to attend the Emerson Health System Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 16. It will be held at the Westford Regency Inn and Conference Center and begin at 5:30. Corporators may bring their spouses to the meeting.

Gregg S. Meyer, MD, MSc, chief clinical officer at Partners HealthCare, will present “The New Face of Population Health Management.” James Street, PhD, MD, president of the Emerson medical staff, will make a presentation. “Also, Chris Schuster [Emerson president and CEO] will provide a report on the hospital’s performance in the last year-something corporators appreciate hearing,” says Ms. Kangas, who will step down as co-chair after the annual meeting. Karen Donoghue, currently chair of the Corporator Nominating Committee, will be the new co-chair, serving with Mr. Ryan.

“I will continue to serve on the Annual Appeal Committee and as a member of the foundation board,” notes Ms. Kangas.