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Corporator Nomination and Orientation Committee Update

Corporator Nominating and Orientation Committee Update

Coffees/Dinners with Christine Schuster Are Coming Up Soon

With summer here, corporators aren't expected to think hard about who might make a good Emerson corporator.  But before long, nominations will be actively sought, especially in towns that need representation.

"There are several towns where we need corporators-and have for a while," says Karen Donoghue, chair of the Nominating Committee.  "They include Sudbury, Carlisle, Chelmsford and Littleton.  Currently, Emerson is not as well-represented in those towns as we would like."  The committee will meet in early fall to begin the process of recruiting new corporators. 

Emerson's 26 new corporators wasted no time in getting to orientation, notes Kathleen Vorce, chair of the Orientation Committee.  "Twenty three new corporators attended an orientation session in March," she adds.

Once oriented, corporators are encouraged to attend a coffee or dinner with Christine Schuster, Emerson president and CEO (see schedule below).  "This is a great opportunity for new corporators to spend time with Chris, ask questions and get to know Emerson even better," says Ms. Vorce. 

New corporators are talented, motivated

As is true every year, talented area residents who care about Emerson are pleased to serve as corporators.  "I believe institutions need tight community connections, which is why I wanted to be a corporator," says Chris Coloian of Carlisle, who was nominated by Cato Anderson.  "Health care is going through an intense wave of change.  This is especially true in the Boston area."

Mr. Coloian knows a great deal about change in health care.  He serves as president and CEO of Predilytics, a Burlington firm that works with health plans and health service providers that are assuming risk.  "Once we determine a population's health status, we guide the organization on how to match acute and chronic services to consumer needs," he explains. 

Prior to his current position, Mr. Coloian, an Ohio native, was chairman of the board at Care Continuum Alliance-now Population Health Alliance (PHA)-an industry group comprised of more than 200 member organizations.  "PHA was started with the notion that population health, which is the discipline of maintaining or improving the physical and psychosocial wellbeing of individuals in a defined population over time, needed to become the basis for advancing health care," he says.  "We developed policies, best practices and standards of education related to individual health needs and longitudinal care.  PHA helped shape the wellness and chronic care portions of the Affordable Care Act and many other pieces of legislation."  His relationship with PHA continues, as he serves as editor for the organization's respected journal, Population Health Management.

Mr. Coloian, his wife, Amy, and three children have received care at Emerson since moving to Carlisle five years ago.  "I'm pleased to have Emerson as our community hospital," he says.  "I enjoyed the Corporator Annual Meeting, and corporator orientation was very well done."

Francis Mastroianni, a new corporator from Acton, agrees.  "I was blown away by the facility when we toured it during orientation," he says.  "It's modern, bright and upbeat." 

Mr. Mastroianni is a partner at Trilogy Law LLC in Boston, which he helped found in 2012.  "We represent commercial real estate developers, owner-operators and real estate private equity investors who are involved in a broad range of transactions across the country," he explains. 

The Watertown native's interest in real estate extends to the neo-Georgian architectural style seen in Harvard Square.  He is president of the Charitable Friends of Digamma Building, Inc., a non-profit corporation whose mission is to preserve and maintain the exteriors of historically significant structures.  "I grew to love the architecture when I was a student at Harvard College," he says.  "Our organization directly funds capital improvements and makes grants to other non-profits that support our mission."

Closer to home, Mr. Mastroianni serves on Acton's Zoning Board of Appeals.  "We deliberate long and hard before we grant zoning relief, whether it is for a residential or a commercial project," he notes.  "Our goal is to maintain the historical characteristics and natural landscape that make Acton special."

Mr. Mastroianni is pleased to join Emerson's corporators.  "I wanted to give back-financially and by serving as an ambassador," he says.  "Our family has been to Emerson for care, especially the Emergency Department.  The hospital is well-run, well-staffed and convenient.  Words can't express what peace of mind it gives us to have a high-quality community hospital nearby."

New Corporator Coffee/Dinner & Conversation with Christine Schuster, President and CEO


Wednesday, July 9        8:00-9:30 am   Coffee, Cheney B

Tuesday, July 15           8:00-9:30 am   Coffee for Veteran Corporators, McPhillips

Tuesday, July 29           8:00-9:30 am   Coffee, McPhillips

Wednesday, July 30      6:00-7:30 pm   Dinner, McPhillips


None scheduled at this time.

September-Last one!

Tuesday, September 23 6:00-7:30 pm   Dinner, McPhillips

Note: Veteran corporators are invited to a coffee with Christine Schuster on Tuesday, July 15.  

Anyone wishing to attend one of the sessions should contact Janine Papesh at jpapesh@emersonhosp.org or 978-287-3084.

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