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Christine Schuster, CEO, Emerson Hospital
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Corporator Nomination and Orientation Committee Update

Nomination forms are in; several new corporators will be voted in

The corporator nomination process is well underway, with several openings to fill and many thoughtful nominations to consider.  In late October, members of the Corporator Nomination Committee were reviewing nomination forms with the goal of identifying community residents who will serve as ambassadors in their respective towns.

“Our process begins with contacting corporators who haven’t been too involved,” explains Karen Donoghue, committee chair.  “If they tell us they want to stay on and become more involved, we connect them with a member of our Involvement Committee.  That group contacts all corporators at least once a year.  They are helpful in gauging corporator interest level.”

Some corporators choose not to seek another term due to any number of reasons.  This provides an opening for someone who wants to join and ideally participate in a way that benefits Emerson.  “We appreciate everyone giving thought, throughout the year, to people in their community who can potentially serve as corporators,” Ms. Donoghue adds.  Certain towns need a higher level of representation.  They include Acton,  Bolton, Chelmsford, Groton, Littleton, Maynard, Stow, Sudbury and Westford.  

Emerson’s new corporators will be voted in at the Emerson Health System Annual Meeting in January.  Once they become active, the orientation side of the committee, which is chaired by Kathleen Vorce, will prepare to welcome them.  Many of the new corporators enjoyed either dinner or coffee with Christine Schuster, Emerson president and CEO, during the past summer.

“They bring their questions to Chris, about the hospital and changes in the health field,” says Ms. Vorce.  “They enjoy the opportunity to meet with her.”

Karen Anderson, a new corporator from Acton, was impressed with her tour of the hospital and subsequent dinner with Ms. Schuster.  “There were a half-dozen of us, and she gave us a PowerPoint presentation,” says Ms. Anderson, who is a librarian at the Acton Memorial Library.

“I had no idea what a corporator was when they asked me to join,” she admits.  “But I attended the Corporator Annual Meeting in April and found that meeting, and all the events, be to be interesting.”

Ms. Anderson is no stranger to the hospital.  “I had two of my three children at Emerson,” she says, “and we’ve been to the Emergency Department a countless number of times.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and received my chemotherapy and radiation therapy at Emerson.”

She already has joined the Public Relations and Marketing Committee.  “I know there will be opportunities to promote Emerson around Acton, including at wellness days in the spring,” says Ms. Anderson.

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