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Michael Morrill and Christine Schuster

4/12/10: Operating room assistant earns MVP award

Chelmsford resident Michael Morrill (at right), operating room assistant at Emerson Hospital, recently received the "Most Valuable People" (MVP) award. The award is part of Emerson Hospital's reward and recognition program, which honors staff for superior job performance.

Nominated by the entire operating room staff, they wrote that "Michael truly exemplifies the qualities of Emerson Hospital’s MVP. He is always going the extra step to help anyone and everyone within the department. Michael’s expertise, competence, and willingness to extend himself directly benefit patient care in the operating room, not only by ensuring all necessary components for a patient's surgery are provided but also allowing staff to focus on direct patient care. Michael's dependability has been consistently displayed day after day in the OR, always going the extra distance." Presenting Morrill with the award is Christine Schuster, president and CEO of Emerson Hospital.