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11/17/09: Emerson offers diabetes education class

Emerson Hospital will offer a new type of diabetes education class in January and February 2010. Called conversation mapping, the class is a new, interactive way for patients to learn more about diabetes. A conversation map is a series of images and metaphors on a tabletop display that health care professionals use to engage groups of patients in dialogue around a health care topic. In conversation mapping, patients participate in interactive activities to identify facts and myths about the health care topic and uncover information related to the health condition, ultimately resulting in behavior change.

“Mapping is endorsed by the American Diabetes Association as an innovative way to learn about diabetes,” said Cheryl Laundry, RN, BS, CDE, diabetes educator at Emerson Hospital. Laundry has used the conversation mapping education method since 2008.

Classes will be held in a four-part series in the conference room at Emerson’s Center for Specialty Care, located at 54 Baker Ave. Extension. Classes run from 9:30–11:30 am on the dates listed below. Each session will cover a different conversation map.

January 20 – On the road to better manage your diabetes – Covers basic concepts a diabetic patient needs to know as it relates to diabetes and managing the disease.

January 27 – Diabetes and healthy eating – Engages participants in a more detailed discussion about the connection between food and diabetes and the importance of healthy eating as it relates to managing diabetes.

February 3 - Monitoring your blood glucose – Discusses the importance of monitoring blood glucose, managing high and low blood glucose, and how to use the results from monitoring to better manage diabetes.

February 10 – Continuing your journey with diabetes – Explains more complex concepts related to diabetes, including the natural course of diabetes, medicine options for people with diabetes today, what insulin is and how it works, long-term complications associated with diabetes, and the ABCs: A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Diabetes self-management education is covered by insurance for:
-New onset diabetes
-Inadequate glycemic control defined by 2 A1c levels over 8.5% for two or more tests at least three months apart
-Changes in treatment regimen from no medication to oral, oral to insulin
-High risk of acute complications based on inadequate control that resulted in an emergency room visit or hospitalization
-High risk based on at least one of the following documented complications:
1. Lack of feeling in the foot or other foot complications
2. Preproliferative or proliferative retinopathy
3. Kidney complications with albuminuria or elevated creatinine

Emerson Hospital’s diabetes self-management education program was awarded Education Recognition by the American Diabetes Association for providing high-quality education services to the patients it serves. Programs that achieve Recognition status have a team of knowledgeable health professionals who provide state-of-the-art information about diabetes management.

Space is limited. For more information and to register, call 978-287-8590.