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7/23/09: Emerson Hospital improves parking, makes patient access easier

Emerson Hospital recently improved its parking program, effective July 30, to provide more and better parking for visitors and patients on the hospital’s main campus.

Emerson shifted 120 employees off-campus across Route 2 and relocated the area where physicians park. The existing physician lot on the Emerson campus is now exclusively patient and visitor parking. “These changes enable us to provide preferred and closer parking for patients and visitors to both the John Cuming Building, where many physician offices are located, and the main hospital building,” said Christine Schuster, president and CEO of Emerson Hospital.

Patients still have the option of parking in the garage and in the open lot adjacent to the John Cuming Building, or using the complimentary valet service. Parking rates stay the same. However, visitors and patients now pre-pay for parking at kiosks in the three main lobbies of the hospital. The kiosks accept cash, credit, and debit. There are no attendants at the exit gates. Patients can also pay for parking with a credit card at the exit. There is a “help” button at the exit gates that connects to an on-site parking manager.

Physician practices who currently validate parking will still be able to do so. For more information, contact the hospital’s administrative offices at 978-287-3100.