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2/27/09: Emerson Hospital partners with Child Development Network to enhance pediatric care

Emerson Hospital is partnering with the Child Development Network (CDN) in Lexington, Mass., to expand the services offered to pediatric patients.

CDN is an interdisciplinary team of pediatric health care specialists working to help children, adolescents, and their parents address difficulties with development, learning, health, and behavior. CDN specializes in providing expert diagnostic evaluations and ongoing developmental management to help each child achieve his or her personal best. Their areas of expertise include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, learning disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, coping skill development, and health concerns.

“We are extremely pleased to extend our pediatric capabilities by partnering with CDN,” said Dr. Julie Jankelson, chair of the pediatric department at Emerson Hospital. “We welcome the added specialized consultative care in the community.”

When a specific need emerges, Emerson pediatricians refer pediatric patients to CDN’s vast network of outpatient services, which includes a team of neuropsychologists, developmental and clinical psychologists, speech and language pathologists, a clinical nutritionist, and educational specialists. All CDN clinical staff trained or served on staff at Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospitals, such as Children’s Hospital Boston or Massachusetts General Hospital. Several CDN professionals continue to serve on staff at Children’s Hospital Boston. They also provide treatment, tutoring, and school consultation to public and private schools.

CDN recently expanded their FastTrack Early Childhood Program to meet the needs of young children (age 0-5) referred by their pediatrician for assessment. CDN also added a clinical nutritionist with expertise in food allergies and optimum nutrition for growth and health.

CDN, which treats babies to young adults, is partnering with Emerson to support pediatricians in diagnostic evaluation and treatment, to share their expertise in “medical coping,” to offer learning opportunities for Emerson staff, and to provide pediatric psychological consults. CDN will also join Emerson in community outreach activities around pediatric public health concerns.

CDN’s specialty services will complement Emerson's well-established pediatric program, which offers several components that are unique for a community hospital: 24-hour in-hospital coverage by pediatric hospitalists, community pediatric practices that provide around-the-clock coverage for their patients, a special care nursery for ill newborns, the pediatric intervention team, and partnerships with pediatric specialists at leading Boston teaching hospitals.

The pediatric intervention team at Emerson is a multidisciplinary group that consists of child life specialists, a child and adolescent psychiatric nurse, and a consulting child psychiatrist. The team recognizes the unique psychosocial needs of hospitalized children and their families. The services the team provides are based on the emotional and developmental needs of children from infancy to young adulthood. Through careful preparation and continuing support, the team aims to minimize a child's anxiety in the health care environment and promote opportunities for growth and mastery of the hospital experience.