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11/30/09: Emerson Hospital Auxiliary and Thoreau Club partner in "Change for Good"

The Thoreau Club and the Emerson Hospital Auxiliary recently partnered on a new program called “Change for Good.” The program, which took place in October, provided Thoreau Club members, guests, and Emerson Hospital employees the opportunity to tap into a package of special services and programs designed to invigorate and rejuvenate their exercise habits. Faith Pulis, president and CEO of The Thoreau Club and Anne Lehmann, president of the Emerson Hospital Auxiliary, created the program as a way of strengthening the community’s overall wellness. During the event, 140 individuals and families joined the program, which included activities such as tennis and swim lessons, nutrition and wellness coaching, spa services, kid’s fitness programs, and more.

The Change for Good program, jointly sponsored by two Concord-based organizations, raised $14,000, and 100% of the proceeds benefited the Bethke Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital. It also helped participants to reenergize their daily habits around wellness. “This program got me to try some new kinds of exercise and, at the same time, I got to support a great cause,” said Karen Bodager, an Acton resident and a member of The Thoreau Club for the past nine years. “It was the most fun that I ever had at the Club, and I cherish my membership even more now.”

Pam Kurtzer of Stow agreed. “The Thoreau Club has always been a fantastic fitness facility, but this program gave me a unique opportunity to help cancer patients and also a chance to really change my workout routine, try new fitness programs, and learn how to make my workouts more efficient,” she said.

The Thoreau Club is dedicated to increasing the wellness of the residents and employees of Concord and the surrounding communities. Emerson Hospital has run a number of wellness programs for their staff in conjunction with Thoreau. “We loved the idea of supporting our cancer center and at the same time helping individuals learn to lead healthier lifestyles,” said Christine Schuster, president and CEO of Emerson Hospital.

The program culminated in an “I’ve Changed” party at which The Thoreau Club presented Emerson Hospital with the $14,000 check. “The program really was a win-win for all involved. We hope this can be an annual event that grows and grows each year,” said Schuster.