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Compassionate Care Award

3/3/10: Compassionate Care Award honors Emerson Hospital nurse and occupational therapist

Littleton resident Marilyn Converse, RN, a pain resource nurse, and Maynard resident Patricia White, an occupa tional therapist, were recently recognized for their compassionate care. They were honored at an award ceremony for the Terry Croteau Compassionate Care Award, named after an Emerson Hospital employee who lost her battle with breast cancer. The concept for the award grew out of Emerson’s involvement in the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center, a non-profit foundation dedicated to promot ing compassionate care in medicine. All Emerson employees involved in the care of patients and their families are eligible for the award. At the award ceremony, members of the hospital community gathered to honor the recipients’ empathetic caregiving.

A gift to all of us

The award recognizes compassionate care as exemplified by Terry Croteau, an Emerson Hospital social worker who made an exceptional difference in the lives of her patients. It is a philosophy that is embodied by Marilyn Converse, who belongs to the Oncology Nursing Society and hopes one day to operate her own Hospice House. Converse pro vides hands-on, compassionate care, an approach that is central to the mission of nursing. “Steady, warm, concerned, advocates for her patients, always goes the extra mile,” wrote a colleague on her nomination form. “I have worked with Marilyn on a regular basis. In ad­dition to being an outstanding nurse, Marilyn exemplifies compassionate care in the Emerson community and is patient in her work with end-of-life pa­tients. Marilyn is an exceptional nurse that epitomizes compassionate care. She uses her considerable assessment skills as a nurse to ascertain the needs of the patient and family. She provides exceptional care to all. She is a wonder ful mentor and support to fellow nurses and other staff. She is a great gift to all of us.”

My mentor and my inspiration

Patricia White has worked at Emerson for more than 25 years. “Never have I seen or worked with anyone who is more dedicated, committed, and compassion ate to patient care than Pat,” wrote a colleague. “She creates a positive, healthy, and happy treatment environment through her fabulous sense of humor. She is highly competent, caring, and ac commodating for all her patients’ needs. Whether they come to her to heal their burns or fractures or to recover from a stroke, they soon forget their pain because she has them laughing. Pat learns specifics about each patient so that when they return, she has a personal as well as a professional connection. Patients will return to say hello, drop off baked goods, or even refer other patients to her care. Pat is an amazing therapist who has dedicated her career to Emerson and treats patients with the utmost re spect. She is dependable beyond words, providing a wonderful and positive experience for all patients. She is my mentor as well as my inspiration.”