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Clough Birthing Center

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Clough Birthing Center

Your baby’s first home is here.

Where to have your baby is an important decision for your growing family. The Emerson Hospital Clough Birthing Center at our Concord, Massachusetts, Main Campus offers a perfect blend of two worlds — the highest quality medical expertise in a serene location close to home. All to make your birth experience as special as it deserves to be.

Inside the Clough Birthing Center, you’ll find:

  • Private, comfortable and secure labor and delivery rooms and mother-baby recovery rooms
  • The area’s only Special Care Level 2 Nursery directed by a Massachusetts General Hospital neonatologist
  • Physicians and nurses renowned for specialized skills and advanced training — and completely dedicated to you and your baby’s health and wellness
  • One-on-one nursing care and 24-hour baby care by a board-certified pediatrician
  • High-risk pregnancy services, including specialists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and certified breastfeeding consultants
  • Secure unit for your peace of mind

Your team. Your hospital.

Our team goes above and beyond by working closely with you throughout each stage of pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care. By offering access to registered dietitians, midwives, genetic counseling, and reiki. By delivering a family-centered approach that respects your unique needs and concerns. And by providing the best information, care and support to create the pregnancy and childbirth experience you and your family expect.

Your experience at the Clough Birthing Center.

Labor and delivery – Upon arrival you will come through a dedicated entrance surrounded by pine trees. Our professional and friendly team will greet you and be available 24x7 to make your delivery as comfortable as possible, including personalizing your labor management plan and using the latest technology to monitor you and your baby’s health. Birthing Center staff members are supportive of each woman’s needs and choices around pain control in childbirth. We offer a number of resources to make each delivery as personal and comfortable as possible. If you choose to have pain medicine, anesthesiologists are available 24x7 for all your pain management needs. Learn more about our obstetric services.

Immediately upon delivery, a doctor or nurse will record your baby’s weight and check vital signs, activity level, appearance and general health, providing all necessary pediatric care. We also ensure the security of your baby by immediately placing identification bands on baby, mother and support person. As an additional measure of security, a sensor is applied to your baby via an anklet soon after delivery.

Amenities – We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your stay at the Clough Birthing Center. Therefore, we offer a number of amenities and services to aid your recovery and make those first days with your new baby enjoyable and relaxing.

  • Free reiki sessions for newborns, new moms and immediate family members (partners and siblings). Reiki promotes relaxation, relieves stress and promotes self healing. In addition, we also offer free hand massages for new moms. Emerson is one of the few hospitals in the Boston area offering these services.
  • Our dessert cart visits the post-partum floor each afternoon! The free, handmade cupcakes, tortes, brownies, and other pastries are a huge hit for everyone, especially new moms, partners, grandparents and older siblings.
  • Visits with a therapy and comfort dog are available to our patients throughout the hospital, including new moms on our post-partum floor who may be missing a furry friend from home.

Post-partum care – Following birth you will stay in a private, home-like room in our Mother-Baby Unit, where you will start recovery and get to know your baby. The same nurse will attend both you and your baby, a pairing that helps you become well acquainted from the beginning. Specialists will be on hand to educate you in breastfeeding and newborn care, such as the safest sleep positions, holding, diapering, dressing, bathing and more.

Post-partum rooms – Emerson is proud to offer several well-furnished private rooms with large windows, many of which look out onto natural, lush, woodsy scenery. In addition, the rooms also feature:

  • Specially designed and placed heat lamps above each of the beds that new moms can use to keep their newborns warm while they are together for breastfeeding and bonding.
  • Free wi-fi is available in each room.
  • Partners can take advantage of comfortable day beds to catch up on their sleep.

For mothers whose babies need special care and have to stay at Emerson after the mom is discharged, we have special care boarding. New moms can stay overnight at no charge as long as their baby is at Emerson (subject to availability).

Going home – Before leaving you will be seen by your obstetrician and a pediatrician will evaluate your baby to ensure that both of you are healthy. A maternity nurse will provide discharge papers that include postpartum care information and a review of your care here. You’ll need to bring clothes to the hospital for your baby to wear home. It may be useful to bring several receiving blankets and clothing options in case the weather changes.

Remember: You must have an infant car seat to take your baby home. A police or fire department safety officer can install the car seat or check to ensure it’s installed correctly. Please check with your local police or fire department.

To learn more about your experience at the Clough Birthing Center, download Having Your Baby at Emerson [PDF] or our Admissions Brochure [PDF].

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