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Diana Glendon: "I want to see Emerson remain healthy."

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Giving Reports

Reflections 2012
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Giving Reports

Reflections 2011
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Donor Recognition

Annual Appeal Gift Societies

At Emerson, we appreciate all levels of generosity. To recognize our donors, we’ve created the following Annual Appeal Gift Societies:

Stratford Society

Formed to recognize three decades of extraordinary support from Ken and Aulikki Olsen through the Stratford Foundation. This society recognizes gifts of $25,000 or more.

Charles Emerson Society

Named for the hospital’s founder to recognize donors who contribute significant gifts of $10,000 or more.

Pat Snow Society

Named for Emerson’s chief administrator from 1946–1969 to recognize donors of $5,000–$9,999.

William Brengle Society

Named for a spirited philanthropist, board member and development chairman to recognize donors of $2,500–$4,999.

John Cuming Society

Named for a local physician and philanthropist to recognize donors of $1,000–$2,499.

Other Donor Levels

Patron: $500-$999
Sponsor: $300-$499
Friend: $100–$299

Gifts of $100 or more will be recognized in Reflections, our donor recognition publication.


Emerson Hospital Donor Recognition: Fredrick and Ines Yeatts

Major Gift Naming Opportunities


Emerson Hospital Donor Recognition - 2013

The Emerson Health Care Foundation is honored to recognize the generosity of its donors by naming areas in Emerson Hospital.  Named gifts demonstrate a donor’s commitment, provide essential financial support and inspire others to support outstanding health care in our community.  Gifts may be acknowledged in the name of the donor or the donor may choose to recognize a loved one, friend or caregiver.
Information Technology
Maintaining a robust technology platform is essential for the hospital to fulfill its mission to deliver high quality, safe and cost-effective care.  Each year, the demand for funds to meet this need exceeds available resources; however, several isolated areas for support can be highlighted as options for interested donors.
Health Information Exchange  $1,000,000
Operating Room/Anesthesiology  $750,000
Out-patient rehabilitation $200,000
 Discharge planning/electronic prescriptions $150,000

Patient Care

Warm, personalized care has been Emerson’s hallmark for 100 years; the heart of that care resides on each patient floor.  The patient floor, Wheeler 5, which primarily serves cardiac patients, will undergo a major redevelopment in 2013 to create a better workflow, advanced heart monitoring capabilities and improved patient comfort and safety.
 Patient Floor – Wheeler 5  $500,000
 Patient Room on Wheeler 5  $50,000
 Radiology Services  
Imaging techniques both diagnose and treat disease visualized within the human body.  Emerson’s radiology department remains on the cutting edge of radiologic imaging services by adopting the most advanced techniques as they become available.  Tomosynthesis represents the latest advancement in mammography.  Its unique 3D capability leads to earlier detection, greater accuracy, fewer call backs and unnecessary biopsies.
 Tomosynthesis work stations (8) $350,000 
 Center for Integrative Health and Wellness     
Located at 310 Baker Avenue, the health and wellness center provides the Emerson community a wide range of classes and programs designed to promote health and a healthy lifestyle. The Center houses three multi-purpose rooms and a conference room.  Users may enroll in the Emerson Healthy Living Program and take advantage of discounts at restaurants, health food stores, or bicycle outings, or take classes that range from cooking the healthful Mediterranean diet to zumba.
 Integrative Health and Wellness Center  $250,000
 Studio Suite (Rooms A, B, & C)  $100,000
 Conference Room D  $75,000
 Center for Sports Rehabilitation and Speciaty Services  
With a convenient Concord location, this center combines multiple disciplines and rehabilitation therapies for patients of all ages. Rehab programs are customized for individualized care and include regular communications with referring physicians.  An on-site insurance coordinator helps patients navigate coverage, authorizations, and referrals.
 Sports Rehabilitation Center  $500,000
Many hospital donors prefer to direct their gifts for specific scholarship support or grants for continued or specialized education through establishing a named endowment.  In order to yield sufficient annual income, a minium amount must be contributed to establish a named endowment fund.
 Named Endowment Fund  $50,000 and up



For more information, please contact Melissa Saalfied, Major Gifts Officer, 978-287-3583 or msaalfield@emersonhosp.org.