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Nursing Education Opportunities

To learn, to teach, to contribute, to make a difference.

As an organization—and as individuals—we are dedicated to continuous growth and development at Emerson. It allows us to both provide better care and play a role in advancing the practice of nursing, as well as take our careers to new levels.

A rich nursing development program.

We wholeheartedly support education and career advancement through a robust continuing education program and staff support on-unit. We provide for ongoing education—whether seeking a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or hoping to achieve Nurse Practitioner—through our tuition reimbursement benefit. We also provide support for nurses seeking certification in areas such as geriatric medicine, pain resource nursing or diabetes. For nurses wishing to take on management positions, we provide educational and networking opportunities to help advance their leadership skills.

We believe your work should be interesting and vital for the life of your career. That’s why we provide customized and dedicated training for transitioning nurses that allows our nursing professionals to learn new skills and take on new roles in different nursing areas within our organization. For example, a nurse transitioning to critical care would have a specialized program designed to help him or her develop the skills needed to make the transition. The unit also provides a preceptor to help the incoming nurse during transition.

We encourage advancement through our onsite Clinical Advancement Program (CAP). Clinical Advancement is achieved through a combination of:

  • Continuing Education
  • Certification
  • Expanded Clinical Practice
  • College Courses/Degrees
  • Community Outreach Activities
  • Nursing Research
  • Evidence- based practice

Participants can achieve one of four clinical levels—from novice to expert. Each clinical level acknowledges a higher clinical skill, expertise and involvement in the nursing profession. Financial rewards are given to nurses achieving higher levels.

Expand your career at Emerson.

Emerson employees who wish to pursue a nursing career are supported in their efforts through tuition reimbursement, the nursing scholarship and flexible work scheduling.