Our mission: To be the best place to come for care and work.

No one knows this better than our own nurses. At Emerson Hospital, you’ll find a culture of collaboration and professional respect unlike anywhere else. Here, nurses have the unique opportunity to develop a real rapport with patients. You’ll find a family-like environment shared between colleagues and patients alike. In fact, our nurses average 20 years of experience and have treated generations of families—keeping community care close to home.

Our patients expect outstanding nursing care.

Emerson Hospital is well-known for outstanding nursing care and patient-centered facilities, like our Birthing Center and Special Care Level 2 Nursery—the only specialty care nursery in the area providing 24-hour, in-house coverage by pediatricians and anesthesiologists. While we pride ourselves as being “Concord’s hospital,” we offer a level of advanced care that rivals the nation’s largest institutions.

What makes working at Emerson truly different, however, is the environment itself. While we all entered health care to make a difference in our communities, the nurses at Emerson Hospital are more than caregivers. To our patients, we’re their neighbors and friends. Many of our patients know us by name. And they trust us, because they know we bring our families here, too.

Emerson is also extraordinarily committed to your career. Our leadership understands the importance of nursing. A nurse herself, our CEO believes that one of the most effective ways to improve patient care is to listen to her staff. It makes each of us more accountable, more involved. And it’s the foundation of a shared decision-making structure that empowers us to give our very best.

Whether you’re an experienced nurse or a new graduate, you’ll find Emerson has a nursing specialty to interest you, including:

Take this opportunity to grow.

From our collaborative team environment, to our specialized orientations, fellowships and opportunities for continuing education, we offer all the support you need for true professional growth.