Child Story

Michelle Schmidt's Story

“If we have another emergency, we’ll go to Emerson.”

Michelle Schmidt’s three-year-old son, Charlie, broke his leg while heading downstairs to the family playroom. “Charlie wouldn’t stop crying, and he wouldn’t put weight on his leg... It was a long, painful ride to the Emerson ED,” she recalls. Relief appeared in the form of Mallory Harrison, a member of Emerson’s Pediatric Intervention Team (PIT), who helped the family get settled. The x-ray indicated a fracture halfway down Charlie's shin. “The fracture was well-aligned, so he didn’t require surgery,” says Al Virk, MD, the emergency medicine physician who examined Charlie. Dr. Virk put the leg in a splint, which would later be replaced with a cast. “If we have another emergency, we’ll go to Emerson,” says Ms. Schmidt. “The care is great, and the Pediatric Intervention Team is a wonderful feature.”

Michelle Schmidt