Napoli Giving Story in Frames

Richard and Karen Napoli's Story

"We're community oriented, so we support local organizations...Emerson is an institution we feel very strongly about."

Emerson has been a part of Richard and Karen Napoli’s lives throughout the years. Their three sons were born here, and Mr. Napoli has relied on Emerson to care for Idylwilde Farms employees for occasional work-related injuries. Mrs. Napoli is a lifetime member of the Auxiliary of Emerson Hospital and has worked on many fundraising events. When Mr. Napoli developed a serious complication after surgery at another hospital, they turned to Emerson. “Rich thought he had pulled a muscle, but it was a pulmonary embolism— a blood clot,” says Mrs. Napoli. “He was diagnosed in the Emerson ED and went to the ICU, where Dr. Peter Barkin took care of him. Rich received outstanding care.” In thanks, the couple increased their annual gifts to Emerson.

Richard and Karen Napoli