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Clough Birthing Center

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Post-partum Care

Following birth you will stay in a private, home-like room in our Mother-Baby Unit, where you will start recovery and get to know your baby. The same nurse will attend both you and your baby, a pairing that helps you become well acquainted from the beginning. Specialists will be on hand to educate you in breastfeeding and newborn care, such as the safest sleep positions, holding, diapering, dressing, bathing and more.

Post-partum Rooms

Emerson is proud to offer several well-furnished private rooms with large windows, many of which look out onto natural, lush, woodsy scenery. In addition, the rooms also feature:

  • Specially designed and placed heat lamps above each of the beds that new moms can use to keep their newborns warm while they are together for breastfeeding and bonding.
  • Free wi-fi is available in each room.
  • Partners can take advantage of comfortable day beds to catch up on their sleep.

For mothers whose babies need special care and have to stay at Emerson after the mom is discharged, we have special care boarding. New moms can stay overnight at no charge as long as their baby is at Emerson (subject to availability).


After you deliver your baby at Emerson Hospital, we recommend "rooming-in". This means you will keep your baby with you in your private room the whole time you are in the hospital.

This is a healthy choice for families because it lets you care more directly for your new baby. Rooming-in will help you learn to care for all your baby’s needs while staff is around to help if you need it. This will help you feel more comfortable taking care of your baby once you go home.

When you room-in:

  • You can more easily hold, cuddle, look at, learn to respond to, and get to know your baby.
  • Your baby can get to know you more easily.
  • Your baby should cry less than babies in the nursery who are away from their mothers.
  • Your baby can learn to breastfeed faster and gain weight sooner.
  • You should feel more able to take care of your baby when you go home.

Donated Human Breast Milk

Emerson offers donated human breast milk through Mother's Milk Bank Northeast, to those babies who may need to be supplemented. The pasteurized milk is donated by women who have been pre-screened for diseases and other ailments that could affect the safety of breast milk. Mom needs to have the desire to give only breast milk to her baby. Our certified lactation consultants can help determine if this is the best option for you and your baby.

Infant & Childcare Classes

Through the Emerson Wellness Center for Mind and Body, we offer a number of classes meant to prepare parents for the many aspects of caring for infants. Topics include infant care and CPR, breastfeeding, sibling prep, mom and baby yoga, and a course for soon-to-be grandparents. For more information visit www.emersonwellness.org.