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Learn more about the therapies and programs offered in our Concord location by clicking on the titles below.

  • Aphasia Conversation Group

    This group provides an opportunity for individuals who are living with aphasia to practice their communication skills with others who have aphasia. Sessions are facilitated by a speech language pathologist. The cost is $5 per session and payment is collected the day of the class. Classes take place at the Emerson Integrative Health and Wellness Center at 310 Baker Ave in Concord.

    For details and to register, visit emersonwellness.org or call the Emerson Hospital Speech Department at 1-978-287-8238.

  • Aquatic therapy

    Aquatic therapy is available in a new warm-water therapeutic pool with underwater treadmill and video analysis.

    Our certified aquatic physical therapists are ready to assist patients recovering from various injuries, working together with their traditional land-based therapies. The pool allows for shallow- and deep-water therapy and averages a comfortable 94 degrees. This service may help speed up recovery from many injuries and from issues due to chronic conditions as well.

    The pool is available to appropriate patients with doctor's orders and is provided with one land-based appointment and one pool appointment weekly.

  • Better Balance clinic

    If you or someone you love is afraid of falling, having trouble getting up or having difficulty walking, the Better Balance Clinic is a cost-effective and efficient way to get help.

    Clinic participants learn strategies and exercises to improve balance and safety. We focus on various balance tasks through games and group exercise. We offer educational information on community mobility and home safety, equipment, supportive footwear as well as vestibular problems associated with balance impairments.

    The Better Balance Clinic can be the primary course of treatment or supplement individualized physical therapy treatment for balance or vestibular disorders. With a physician’s referral the clinic and individual treatments are covered by insurance.

  • Concussion treatment and management program

    Our post-concussion management program uses a team approach to help patients recover and return to activities after a concussion. Our concussion clinical specialists use specific manual therapy techniques to decrease muscle spasms and deep tension in order to decrease many of the symptoms associated with post-concussion syndrome. We also focus on a variety of exercises that help strengthen and stretch the postural muscles to restore normal muscle functioning. Our concussion program focuses on educating and empowering the patient to manage their symptoms independently.

    Our speech language pathologists, who specialize in concussion management, can provide comprehensive evaluations and treatments to address problems with: attention, memory, processing speed, word-retrieval, executive functioning and time management. Additionally, compensatory strategies are provided to facilitate success in home, school, work and community settings.

    Our occupational therapists work with those affected with visual disturbances after a concussion. Post concussive symptoms include blurry or unstable vision, headache, double vision, dizziness, sensitivity to light, trouble reading or working on the computer and altered depth perception. Occupational therapy provides assessment and visual retraining as well as assessment of work, home and school management.

    We also offer comprehensive Baseline Concussion Screening that includes the following three tests: ImPact, King Devick, and the balance error scoring system (BESS). By testing three domains — cognitive, visual tracking and balancing functions of the brain — we are able to provide you with a more comprehensive baseline screen.

  • Hand Therapy

    Emerson Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) evaluate patients shoulder to digits and offer a wide range of evaluations and treatments for upper extremity diagnoses including: hand trauma, fractures, tendon/nerve lacerations and repairs, joint replacements, repetitive trauma, traumatic digit amputations, complex regional pain syndrome and Dupuytren’s contracture, CVA and arthritis.

    Hand therapy services include: custom splinting (static or dynamic), management, post-operative wound care/debridement, burn/scar management, upper extremity rehabilitation, fluidotherapy, hot/cold packs, paraffin, ultrasound, cold laser and strengthening programs including the BTE work simulator.

  • Keys to Independence driver assessment program

    If you, a loved one or a clinician is concerned about your safety while driving, you can request a referral (required) from your primary care physician or specialist for this program, geared toward adults who have undergone a change in health status.

    The program consists of two sessions with a certified occupational therapist and an on-road assessment, if qualified.

    The first session is a clinical evaluation. The cost is $350 for the clinical assessment and is payable by the patient at the time of scheduling.

    Upon completion of the clinical evaluation, you will be scheduled for an on-road assessment, if qualified. There is an additional fee paid directly to an independent certified driver instructor, estimated cost $200.

    The occupational therapist who performed your assessment will accompany you on the driving test. If you should require additional occupational therapy training, a rate of $100/hr will apply.

    Cost and fees are subject to change.

  • LSVT BIG and LOUD Parkinson’s program

    The LSVT BIG and LOUD program is an exciting research-based exercise approach effective in the treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease and other similar movement disorders. LSVT stands for “Lee Silverman Voice Treatment” which was developed in the 1980’s with funding from the family of a Parkinson’s patient (Lee Silverman) to improve her ability to communicate (LSV LOUD). More recently the program has expanded to include a physical therapy specific approach to improve movement patterns based on the same principles. This is known as LSVT BIG. We will teach you how to avoid inactivity, enhance your movements during everyday activities and better your quality of life. This program includes whole body movements with large amplitudes, multiple repetitions and progressions from simple to complex that focus on high effort levels. BIG effort is the key to success.

    Ideally, the program includes a four week cycle with three to four one hour appointments per week. Depending on your condition and physical health at the time of evaluation, modification may be recommended. All Treatments are with a LSVT certified clinician.

  • Neurological programs

    We offer a range of neurological treatments for all movement disorders such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis, as well as stroke and traumatic brain injury. Plus, our Better Balance Clinic (details above) provides rehabilitation therapies to improve balance and vestibular disorders such as dizziness and vertigo.

    If you have an appointment for either vestibular or balance issues, please download, print and fill out this form. [PDF]

  • Occupational therapy

    Our orthopedic/sports medicine diagnoses include carpal tunnel, fractures, sprains and strains of the elbow, wrist, hand or shoulder, lacerations, tendon repair, throwing injuries and overuse syndromes, among others.

    We also feature rheumatologic treatments for conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, scleroderma, fibromyalgia and joint replacements.

    If you have an appointment for occupational therapy, please download, print and fill out this questionnaire. [PDF]

  • Oncology rehabilitation programs

    We offer a variety of individual and group exercise programs by trained oncology therapists. Whether you require physical, occupational, or speech language therapy, individual or multidisciplinary therapies focus on your specific needs. These programs help you return to your best quality of life, regain strength, and reduce fatigue from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As your stamina increases, you may progress to the Be Strong Cancer Group, an eight-week transition program that prepares you to continue with a lifelong exercise and wellness program.

  • Pediatric therapy

    Our pediatric physical and occupational therapy specialists provide intervention through play to improve basic living skills and social interactions for your child. Among the diagnoses treated are developmental fine and gross motor delay, hypotonia, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy and ADHD.

    Our pediatric speech language pathologists provide individual and small group therapy. Among the diagnoses treated are developmental language delays, articulation/dyspraxia, social pragmatics, and feeding/swallowing intervention.

    • If you have an appointment for a pediatric occupational therapy evaluation, please print and fill out this form. [PDF]
    • If your appointment is for a feeding team evaluation, please print and fill out this form. [PDF]
    • Before your child's physical or occupational therapy appointment, please print and fill out this pediatric health questionnaire. [PDF]

  • Pelvic health

    Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) describes conditions that may effect the urinary, reproductive, sexual, digestive functions and/or the structural stability of the pelvis. The dysfunction may occur in the muscles, joints, nerves and connective tissue of the pelvis. PFD may present with a wide variety of symptoms and impairments. PFD is very common, but you don’t have to live with it; treatment is available.

    We can help with conditions such as:

    • Urinary stress and/or urge incontinence
    • Voiding dysfunctions (urgency, frequency, hesitation)
    • Pain disorder of pelvis, vagina, bladder, prostrate, abdomen, rectum, tail bone
    • Bowel dysfunction (urgency, incontinence, constipation, IBS)
    • Pre/post-operative training

    Based on your evaluation, your therapy treatments may include education, diet recommendations, biofeedback, bladder function retraining, flexibility and exercise.

    If you have an appointment with our pelvic health specialists, please download, print and fill out the following questionnaires.

    Parents, prior to your child’s evaluation, please download, print, and fill out this pediatric health questionnaire. [PDF]

  • Physiatry

    Our expert physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists) will diagnose and coordinate the interdisciplinary treatment of neurological and orthopedic disorders, such as stroke and back injury.

  • Physical therapy (sports medicine and orthopedics)

    Our staff includes clinical experts in the field of sports medicine, orthopedics, pediatric and other specialty services, including cancer rehabilitation. The breadth of specialists ensures you receive the best care possible for your rehabilitation needs.

    Our sports medicine and orthopedic specialists treat a wide range of conditions, from sprains and strains to tendonitis, tendon repairs and total joint replacements. We specialize in the repair of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and rotator cuff repairs and injuries, among others. Our pediatric specialists treat an array of child-specific and neurological issues such as developmental and gross motor delay, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida and traumatic brain injury, among other congenital and acquired pediatric diagnoses.

    If you have an appointment for either vestibular or balance issues, please download, print and fill out this health questionnaire. [PDF]

  • Speech and language therapy

    Among many other conditions, our team specializes in aphasia, stuttering, developmental delays, expressive language disorders and language and cognitive effects of traumatic brain injury or stroke. In addition, we use Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) to assist individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

    Parents, prior to your child’s evaluation, please download, print and fill out this pediatric health questionnaire and this parent questionnaire for pediatric speech patients. [PDF]

  • Spine rehabilitation program

    In our exercise-based spine rehabilitation program, you’ll work closely with spine experts to get your chronic and acute back pain under control, improve quality of life, function and fitness.

    Working with interventional physiatrists, our clinically trained physical therapists work to help you manage multifaceted musculoskeletal chronic pain issues. This program is highly specific to each patient taking into consideration the patient’s history, diagnosis, condition and goals as well as working closely with the doctor to best prescribe an exercise program for postural training, muscle balance, symptom management and energy conservation for complete pain management.

  • Vestibular rehabilitation (for inner ear disorders)

    We’re here to help patients with inner ear disorders who are experiencing dizziness, balance disorders and visual motor disturbances, as well as secondary symptoms associated with reduced activity levels, including decreased strength, loss of range of motion, and increased tension leading to muscle fatigue and headaches.

    Our vestibular rehabilitation program is designed to correct inner ear issues or help your central nervous system compensation for them. The rehabilitation program includes habituation exercises, improving ocular motor control and increasing overall activities for long-term retention of gains made in therapy.

The following programs are conducted by physical therapists from the Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 978-287-8200 or email RehabEH@emersonhosp.org.

  • Fit to Bike Clinic: Flexibility & strength assessment for cyclists

    Conducted by a specially-trained physical therapist, spinning instructor, mountain biker and triathlete, this 30-minute individual assessment includes a skilled functional movement analysis, corrective exercises, and a bike fit as it relates to your limitations and restrictions. Visit emersonwellness.org to learn more.


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