About The Program

At the Center for Weight Loss, surgery is only part of the care you receive. We create a personalized, comprehensive program that addresses your physical, nutritional and emotional needs. Each member of our team is committed to your success and you’ll receive the same high-level, one-on-one care and support before, during and after your surgery.

Our philosophy

We believe that obesity is a serious disease. Obesity is known to be the primary cause for many medical problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, heart disease and many cancers—each of which has significant health consequences. Yet if the disease is treated, many of those consequences can be dramatically lessened or avoided altogether.

Fortunately, there are now more options to help those suffering from obesity. Dr. Lautz and his team will work with you to find the solution that suits your preferences and lifestyle. We believe that the relationship between patient and surgeon is the cornerstone of treatment, and we work hard to establish it at the first clinic visit.

Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

The Center for Weight Loss is credentialed by the American College of Surgeons as a Level 1A Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, the same level of designation as major city hospitals. Our newly designed center is one of the only clinics in the region specifically designed for obese and overweight patients—from the waiting room chairs to special clinical equipment to private check-out areas. The center also offers free on-site parking with a nearby, street-level entrance to accommodate those with mobility issues.