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Gastric Banding

  • What is gastric banding surgery?

    Gastric banding involves placement of a small, adjustable band at the upper end of the stomach, which creates a small pouch and does not interfere with the normal digestive process. Weight loss occurs by restricting the amount of food that can be consumed at a given time. You can expect to lose 40-45 percent of your excess weight in the two years after surgery.

  • Are the band adjustments difficult or painful?

    Generally no. The band adjustments can usually be performed easily in clinic and are similar to having your blood drawn.

  • Can I have the band removed and changed to something else if it doesn’t work?

    Generally yes. The band can be removed and converted to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Our bariatric surgeons have significant experience with both of these procedures.

  • Can I have the band removed once I lose enough weight?

    No, the band needs to be tightened to work. Even removing the fluid in the band will generally result in significant weight regain that can occur quickly. The band is meant to remain in place and be tightened for optimum results.

  • Can I still have an MRI?

    Yes, the materials in the band are designed to not affect an MRI, according to the band manufacturer.