Why Emerson Is the Right Choice

The Cutting Edge of Compassion 
Patients choose Emerson Hospital Radiology for a variety of reasons: convenient locations, friendly staff, expert care. One of the most important reasons to entrust your family’s care to us is our dedication to making your health care experience better.

Where Technology Meets Empathy 
We’re constantly updating our facilities and instruments, increasing the variety of patients we can accommodate, improving the results doctors use to make their diagnoses and ensuring the comfort of each patient who walks through our doors.

Just in the last year, we’ve added:

  • Three new 3D breast imaging units using tomosynthesis to better screen patients with denser tissue.
  • A new MRI scanner that is more detailed, faster, more comfortable and wider to accommodate larger patients and those who are claustrophobic.
  • A new SPECT/CT unit that is more precise, more localized and more effective at locating some types of tumors, all with better image quality and less radiation exposure.
  • New 80-slice CT machine in Westford ~ The unit features dose reduction, increased speed of test and orthopedic software to aid orthopedic surgeons in obtaining a clearer view of bone.

We’ve also use digital imaging equipment that helps reduce the amount of radiation our patients receive and have two initiatives dedicated to this cause.

  • Our Image Gently campaign, which endorses always using a child-sized radiation dose, regardless of the imaging test on our pediatric patients [links to campaign website]
  • Our Image Wisely initiative, which help providers reduce the radiation dose adults receive from medical imaging scans on our adult patients [links to campaign website]

Patient Focused Staff 
Equipment is nothing without the highly qualified specialists, nurses, technologists and doctors who help patients get the most out of their procedures. By helping them feel at ease before, during and after. By helping them understand their results. And by using those results to develop more effective, more personalized care plans.

Visit the Our Team page to learn more about the Emerson Imaging Services doctors.