Psychiatry/Behavioral Health

Emerson Hospital provides comprehensive mental health and chemical dependency treatment and serves as a regional treatment facility for several managed health care plans.

A multidisciplinary staff works closely with patients, communities, providers and primary care physicians to provide the highest quality integrated care.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient Psychiatry Service

Emerson’s psychiatric inpatient service is designed for patients 18 years of age and older who have psychiatric and/or substance abuse diagnoses that can be safely treated with a brief stay on a secure unit in a general hospital setting. There is a single standard of care for all patients, regardless of payer or ability to pay. The unit uses a pragmatic treatment approach focused on stabilization, identifying and relieving the precipitants to acute symptoms and dysfunction.

Length of stay is usually brief, with referral for prompt outpatient follow-up. Emphasis on developing and nurturing positive working relationships with a wide variety of community-based providers promotes development of effective aftercare and reduces length of stay.

Outpatient Programs

Specialty Expertise

Support Services and Groups

Emerson also offers community health and wellness programs and classes designed to support patients with a wide range of health issues including substance abuse. Addiction RecoveryAlcoholics AnonymousAl-AnonNarcotics Anonymous, and Smart Recovery programs are all held at Emerson.

Emerson’s Lund Community Health Library offers information that can help individuals understand and cope with the diagnosis of a medical condition and learn about the latest treatment methods.