Emerson Hospital Physician's Story

Dr. Bradley Judson's Story

"I want people to feel better…"

Emerson Hospital offers a great community hospital, an established and well-respected emergency physician group and a location that feels like home. Emergency Medicine offers the opportunity to treat an assortment of both emergent and urgent ailments for patients of all ages. When I come to work, I try to treat people as if they were members of my best friend’s family. I want people to feel better when they come to the Emergency Department, and just as important, I want people to understand what we think is going on with them and what they will need to do to get better. Patients tell me they come to Emerson because they like how they are treated. My goal is to make the Emergency Department experience as good as it can be for our patients and to keep giving people the most up-to-date and compassionate medical care possible.

Dr. Bradley Judson