Emerson Hospital Patient Story

Gloria's Story

“I’m grateful we have Emerson nearby”

Gloria Clough was out walking in June 2011 when she experienced symptoms that were hard to pin down. “I felt a burning sensation on the side of my face and in my throat,” recalls the Concord resident, who was 67 at the time. “This continued on and off for a couple of weeks; I noticed it when I was walking or running.” Benjamin Tillinger, MD, an Emerson cardiologist, discovered that Ms. Clough’s coronary arteries were extensively blocked. He recommended a surgical treatment, followed by cardiac rehabilitation. “I was glad I went to cardiac rehab,” says Ms. Clough. “It gave me the structure I needed after my surgery, and I benefited from the emotional support everyone there gave me.” That was more than two years ago. Today, Ms. Clough tries to walk every day, works out with a trainer and sees Dr. Tillinger every six months. “I feel great, and my energy is good. I received outstanding care from Dr. Tillinger... I’m grateful we have Emerson nearby and close ties to Boston when advanced care is necessary.”