Emerson Hospital Patient Story

Kate Finn's Story

"…my surgeons were amazing."

I had excruciating and more frequent pain radiating through my torso while performing with my band. I discussed my symptoms with my primary care physician, who referred me to, Dr. Levin, a neurologist. My second MRI showed two of my cervical vertebrae were starting to impinge on my spinal canal, causing potentially dangerous narrowing. Dr. Levine then referred me to Dr. Dempsey, a neurosurgeon, and Dr. Pfeifer, an orthopedic surgeon. When I was told my condition could lead to paralysis, I decided to have surgery. I had a two-part surgery to remove my bone and open up my spinal cord and then fusion surgery. I thought the surgical collaboration was wonderful and my surgeons were amazing. Every step of the way, someone was helping me, and the nurses were so great. Throughout the whole experience, Emerson really worked like a well-oiled machine.

Kate Finn