Emerson Hospital Child Story

Lena Grant's Story

“It gave me such a nice feeling.”

My daughter’s pediatrician thought Elsa, age 2, may have a urinary tract infection due to urinary reflux. I was shocked and nervous. The pediatrician recommended Elsa go for a VCUG (voiding cystourethrogram) test, which involves inserting a catheter and obtaining fluoroscopic X-ray images. Our pediatrician told us about the Pediatric Intervention Team at Emerson. The team’s child life specialist, Mallory, called to explain the test in detail. She also asked me all about Elsa, including her favorite toys. Mallory wanted to get to know Elsa up front. It gave me such a nice feeling. When we arrived at Emerson for the test, a poster of Clifford the Big Red Dog—an Elsa favorite—and various other toys were waiting for her. We have to go back yearly to ‘get pictures of her tummy’ and she has no anxiety about it at all. They take the time to make it easy on the both of us.

Lena Grant