Emerson Hospital Physician's Story

Lisa Russell's Story

"My husband and I were so thankful..."

Our two sons Garrett and Cedric were born at Emerson, both times exceeding our high expectations. With our youngest son, Cedric, we arrived in the middle of the night and labor progressed very quickly. The nurses seemed to know exactly what I needed ranging from water to an encouraging voice. Recovering in the new wing was a real treat. I would compare it to a very nice hotel; even the food was great. Cedric had a bit of a rough start and needed special attention. He remained in the Special Care Nursery for 10 days. My husband and I were so thankful for the opportunity to remain with my son as a ‘boarder mom’ in one of the available rooms; the thought of being separated from him was heart-wrenching. The nurses in the nursery and the in-house pediatrician took a genuine interest in caring for us. Jennifer, the lactation consultant, met with me many times to provide advice and support. Even my pediatrician at Harvard Vanguard commented on how impressed she was with Emerson Hospital. Cedric is now doing well and we are so blessed to have him with us.

Lisa Russell