Emerson Hospital Patient Story

Marguerite Urgotis' Story

"I have nothing but praise for the wound center staff."

I lived with painful foot ulcers for two years. Now that I’m older, it takes longer to recover and none of the products I used in the past seemed to work. I had tried another wound care center, but saw no real improvement after a year of treatment. I came to Emerson’s Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine when my sores were so painful that I hated to get up in the morning and put my feet on the floor. My comprehensive treatment plan consisted of 40 sessions in the hyperbaric chambers, wearing compression stockings to increase the blood flow, the utilization of specialty dressings and regular removal of dead tissue. The staff also applied three bioengineered tissue grafts to my wounds and completed a procedure to stimulate cell growth. Within four months of starting treatment I noticed a real decrease in the size of my wounds and after eight months I was completely healed. I have nothing but praise for the wound center staff. I put all my confidence in them.

Marguerite Urgotis