Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies require pre-admission certification. This means that you may need to notify your insurer as follows:

This pre-admission certification may be your responsibility for some commercial insurances. Failure to complete this process will cause unnecessary additional costs, for which you will be responsible.

At the time of admission, you will be asked to provide current insurance information, cards and letters.

Your insurance coverage, including Medicare/Medicaid and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) will be evaluated prior to the time of admission.

If your hospital bill is being paid by Worker’s Compensation, we will need verbal or written approval from the carrier before your claim can be processed.

If any part of your bill is not covered by insurance, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for payment by cash, check, credit card or payment plan, prior to your scheduled admission. You can arrange this by calling 978-287-3432.

Observation Patients and Insurance Coverage

If you are admitted for observation, it is important that you check with your insurer to determine whether you have been approved for outpatient observation services. Insurers define observation as “outpatient” and you will be responsible for any deductible and insurance co-payments. For more information, please call your insurer directly.

Insurances accepted by Emerson Hospital

Click here to view a list of insurance companies accepted at Emerson Hospital.