Addiction Support Groups

Addiction Rehabilitation Program

Partial Hospitalization (full day) Program

T: 978-287-3520

The full day program includes four groups per day four days per week, and on Wednesdays consists of two groups plus a presentation from a representative from Alcoholics Anonymous and a mid-day visit to a local AA meeting.

Half-Day Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

T: 978-287-3520

The half days consist of two groups per day and is integrated into the full day group program.

Self-Help Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al Anon

Emerson Hospital Donaldson Conference Room
No registration required
(Note: This is a step meeting. Parking is validated.)

Narcotics Anonymous

Emerson Hospital Donaldson Conference Room

SMART Recovery

T: 1-866-951-5357

Emerson Hospital Cheney Conference Room
No registration required.