Calling All Runners – Injury Assessment Clinic May 9


Sixty-five million people in the U.S. ran or jogged for exercise in 2014, according to Statista. Inspired by the Boston Marathon, more people throughout Massachusetts take up running following the historic race. While running provides important exercise and conditioning for millions of people, the sport can also cause injuries, some of them painful and long lasting. To ensure that runners are exercising properly, The Emerson Hospital Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies is offering a Running Injury Assessment clinic on Saturday, May 9 from 8 - 11 a.m. at the Emerson Health Center in Westford, located on Route 110 at 133 Littleton Road in Westford.

During a 30-minute assessment runners will be individually screened for potential injuries by a licensed physical therapist from the Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies. The assessment encompasses a strength and flexiblibity screen, foot biomechanics and footwear fit analysis and a running gait analysis on a state-of-the-art treadmill. The cost is $35 for a 30-minute assessment. Some health insurance companies offer a discount to participate, check with your provider.

Ashley Zimmerman, a local runner from Arlington, participated in a recent Running Injury Assessment clinic and said, “Participating in the clinic took all the guesswork out of running for me. The physical therapists evaluated my stride, identified my weaknesses, and demonstrated several specific exercises to help build muscle, improve flexibility, and prevent injury. Since incorporating strength training into my weekly workout routine, my endurance has improved greatly and I have been more motivated to run faster and farther than ever before.”

To schedule an appointment at the Running Injury Assessment Clinic on May 9 and to learn about other upcoming programs for runners including a Running Conditioning Clinic that starts May 19, visit the Emerson Healthy Living Program at or call 978-287-3777. 

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