Mother to Mother: A Virtual Postpartum Support Group for Moms

Tuesdays 2-3:30 p.m. via Zoom

This group is on a temporary hiatus until fall 2022. Fill out the below form to register your email and receive updates about the date of the next group. New parents are encouraged to contact First Connections for postpartum support during the break.

Join other mothers who have recently delivered at Emerson Hospital for a chance to meet, share resources, provide support, and connect with one another around the ups and downs of welcoming a new baby during COVID times.

This group is facilitated by Rachel Kradin, MSW, of the Emerson Hospital Mother/Baby Family Support Team, and includes a bonus Q&A with a pediatrician or certified lactation consultant.

This is a drop-in style group — no commitment required. If you would like to be added to the email list to receive a weekly email indicating the upcoming discussion topic and log-in credentials, please complete the below form.

This group is meant for mothers who have already delivered. If you are still pregnant, we ask that you wait until after your child is born before joining so that our discussion can remain focused on postpartum topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t know if I want to commit to a weekly group, can I try it out first and see?
A: This is a “drop-in group”, which means that there’s no commitment required. Moms can decide each week whether or not to participate; some Moms attend each week, some don’t. Moms that “drop-in” regularly report benefiting from a greater sense of connectedness. One “rule of thumb” with groups, is to try out the group three times before deciding “it’s not for me”, but there is never any pressure to do so or to come back.  The discussion topics are merely suggestions; we always make time for whatever feels more pertinent for the group that day.

Q: Is this group just for first time moms?
A: The group is not just for first time moms. Much of what is discussed touches on the unique experience of having a baby during a pandemic, a topic that impacts all postpartum moms. 

Q: Is this a group for moms with postpartum depression?
A: No, but it is a topic that we touch on in many of the sessions, but not all. COVID has increased the risk factors for perinatal mood disorders, and feeling disconnected from other moms and grieving the absence of a pregnancy/postpartum period that you always envisioned, is a shared experience for us all. One of the goals is for this to be a “safe place” to talk about struggles in the postpartum, but certainly not all the participants fall into that category. There are groups that are specifically geared towards Moms experiencing perinatal mood disorders and information about those groups is available. Please ask your nurse or social worker, or inquire in one of the groups!

Q: What types of discussions come up in the group?
A: We talk a lot about the experience of having a baby during COVID and navigating different comfort levels with social-distancing decisions; shifting roles within relationships; feeling a loss of personal identity after baby; signs and symptoms of baby blues/perinatal mood concerns; self-care after baby, struggles unmet expectations, etc. Once a month, we have an information session on popular topics such as addressing sleep challenges, first foods, developmentally-appropriate play, fevers, etc.
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Q: What can I expect if I attend a group?
A: Group begins with short introductions and a check-in, then we touch upon that day’s discussions topic for the first 45 minutes. After that time, either the pediatrician or lactation consultant will join the Zoom for open Q&A, and if there’s time left, the “Zoom Room” will be left for anyone that’s interested to continue their conversation without facilitators. There’s also a private Facebook group open to anyone once they’ve attended at least one group session where Moms can connect, share resources, ask questions, and reminders about group are posted.

Q: How long can I keep coming to the group?
A: There’s not an age limit for the babies in the group, but we do tend to revisit some of the same topics every eight weeks or so. You’ll never be “kicked out” of the group.

For more information or if you have questions, email