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After a thorough evaluation by members of the Emerson Hospital Frenulum Clinic team, if an infant is found to have a level of tongue tie that is interfering with their well-being, a recommendation may be made for a procedure called lingual frenectomy, or frenulum division.

This is a simple outpatient procedure that involves numbing the tongue with an anesthetic. A small incision is made that frees the tongue from the floor of the mouth. The incision then will be sutured while the tissue heals. If it is convenient for you and your infant, this procedure can be performed at the same visit as the assessment. 

Learn more about the treatment for tongue tie

To help you understand what to expect before and after the frenulum division procedure, we have prepared several helpful documents:
  • Preoperative instructions | PDF
  • Comforting your baby during the procedure | PDF
  • Postoperative instructions | PDF
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about frenulum division | PDF

For physicians

If you have questions about when it is appropriate to refer a patient for frenulum division, please take a moment to read this:

Reasons to refer a patient for a frenulum division | PDF

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