Perform at your best and prevent injuries with one of Emerson Hospital’s sports conditioning clinics:

Golf conditioning clinics

This exercise class is designed to keep you healthy and lead to improved performance for the entire golf season. You’ll learn proper warm-up, strengthening and stretching activities. Designed by physical therapists, this clinic uses the latest research on what helps reduce injuries and improve performance. This clinic is seasonally based.

Running conditioning clinic

Designed by a physical therapist, this twice weekly, four-week program instructs runners on specific warm-up activities, stretching exercises and strength/core stability exercises proven to reduce injury and improve performance. This clinic is seasonally based.

Running injury assessment

Our running assessments screen runners to help them avoid potential injuries. The assessment is conducted by a licensed physical therapist and encompasses a strength and flexibility screening, foot biomechanics and footwear fit analysis, and a running gait analysis.

Dance injury prevention screening

Dancers are athletes who use their bodies as a form of artistic expression. Dance requires long and flexible muscles, but also strong and powerful muscles. Imbalances of flexibility and strength can lead to injuries. This screen will help detect these imbalances to prevent injuries.

Screen includes:

  • Strength and flexibility assessment
  • Biomechanical and technical analysis of the dancer’s movement patterns
  • Analysis of common dance moves which could cause injuries
  • Individualized corrective and preventative home exercises
  • Education for dancer/parents

Cost: $100 for 1 hour session

For more information on scheduling a screening and pricing, please call 978-287-8200 or email