Alina Carter


Speech/Language Pathologist
Alina Carter, MS, CCC-SLP
LSVT Certified, ASHA Certified
Clinical Interests

Cognitive rehabilitation therapy, post-concussion or traumatic brain injury, aphasia, primary progressive aphasia, mild cognitive impairment, chemobrain, acquired neurological disorders, dysarthria Parkinson’s disease


Ms. Carter evaluates and treats adult and adolescent patients with language, cognitive and speech deficits that result from a variety of neurodegenerative processes, stroke, brain tumors, chemobrain and mild traumatic brain injury. She strives to provide a combination of restorative and functional compensatory treatment to help maximize each individual’s overall quality of life. In 2015, Ms. Carter published an interdisciplinary study entitled “Modified Berg Balance Scale: Making assessment appropriate for people with aphasia” in Topics of Stroke Rehabilitation. Previously, she worked as an outpatient speech language pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). She holds a master’s degree in speech language pathology from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, Mass.