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Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation (Transitional Care Unit)

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation (Transitional Care Unit) See More
​If you or a loved one needs a short course of inpatient rehabilitation to help you regain strength and function after being hospitalized, Emerson Hospital’s Transitional Care Unit provides the ideal environment. 

The Transitional Care Unit is a skilled nursing facility, located within Emerson Hospital, that helps you transition from a stay in the hospital to home or another level of care. Here, you will receive skilled nursing and aggressive short-term rehabilitative care from a multidisciplinary team of experts who will help you resume your regular activities as soon and as fully as possible. 

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We provide support for a wide range of conditions 

Emerson Hospital’s Transitional Care Unit provides 24/7 rehabilitation care for a wide range of conditions, including:
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation, such as after joint replacement or spinal surgery 
  • Cardiac recovery
  • Skin and wound care
  • Pulmonary (lung) issues
  • Cancer and pain management
  • Complex medical conditions that require extra management

A few extra days for recovery in the Transitional Care Unit can give you just the time you need to regain strength and function to be successfully discharged home.

A proven record of high-quality care

Emerson Hospital’s Transitional Care Unit earns consistently high patient satisfaction scores: 99% of patients would refer family or friends who required a rehab stay to our unit. We have also received perfect scores on our annual, unannounced Department of Public Health surveys and tri-annual Joint Commission surveys—another testament to the high-quality care you can expect from us.

Who qualifies for admission to the transitional care unit

Emerson Hospital’s Transitional Care Unit accepts patients who are referred from any acute-care hospital. You must meet specific medical, rehabilitation and insurance criteria, and be motivated to participate in a rehab program designed to help you return home. 

Health insurance coverage for the transitional care unit

Emerson’s Transitional Care Unit accepts most health insurance plans, including Medicare. Under certain circumstances, patients may be admitted to the unit without a prior hospital stay.

For more information

To learn more, simply call our nurse liaison at 978-287-3620.

To make a referral

If you are a care provider or discharge planner who would like to refer a patient to Emerson’s Transitional Care Unit, please visit our How to Refer page.