Compassionate Care

Exploring the human side of patient care.

What makes Emerson Hospital truly special is the compassionate care you receive from our experienced physicians, nurses and clinicians. Our team recognizes that each individual is unique—and we’re dedicated to personalizing your treatment accordingly. After all, the most cutting-edge technology is nothing without a human touch.

Our nurses are your advocates.

Emerson’s nursing professionals have one guiding philosophy: To make a difference for you and your loved ones through excellence in care. We do this by:

Every day, our nurses recognize the mission to make a difference, to touch, to guide patients through their journey at Emerson Hospital.

Learning through Schwartz Center Rounds.

Another example of our high standard of care is Emerson Hospital’s Schwartz Center Rounds, which aim to improve the relationship between caregivers and patients by:

Caregivers focus on the social, emotional and personal aspects of patient care, giving them a greater insight into making a strong personal connection with you, the patient. The multidisciplinary forums include physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physical therapists, clergy and Emerson administration and support staff.

The Schwartz Center Rounds promote a health care system where caregivers are compassionate, engaged and able to address a patient’s medical and emotional needs. For more information, please visit