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Emerson Hospital Holds Free Surgical Weight Loss Information Session on Oct. 9 in Concord

9/20/12: Emerson Hospital Holds Free Surgical Weight Loss Information Session on Oct. 9 in Concord

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough. If you are considering surgical weight loss, the first step is to become educated about the different procedures, what to expect and how to live a long, healthy, energetic life.

The Emerson-Mass General Weight Loss Program will host a free surgical weight loss information session on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. at Emerson Hospital, 133 Old Road to 9 Acre Corner in Concord.

David Lautz, MD, medical director of the Emerson-Mass General Weight Loss Program, will discuss comprehensive surgical services for people 100 or more pounds overweight, including laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, laparoscopic banding and sleeve gastrectomy, a new surgical option in which the stomach is shaped into a narrow pouch.

Dr. Lautz and the other members of the bariatric surgical team have performed hundreds of laparoscopic weight loss surgeries with positive, long-term results.

“Each operation has its own personality, as well as risks and benefits. Our job is to describe all of that to patients, answer their questions and let them decide if bariatric surgery will fit into their life,” said Dr. Lautz, one of 12 surgeons asked to join the Governing Committee of the American College of Surgeons Bariatric Surgery Center Network, which accredits bariatric surgery centers of excellence nationwide. Emerson achieved Level 1A accreditation in 2010.

Attendees will receive information on who is a candidate for the surgery, the results prospective patients can expect and how support, counseling and education can help achieve long-term weight loss.

Registration is required by calling (978) 287-3532. For more information, visit www.emersonhospital.org/surgicalweightloss.