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8/2/12: Emerson Hospital Welcomes Babies Born to Brothers on Same Day

The extended Mullin family was blessed twice on Tuesday, July 31, with babies born to two brothers at Emerson Hospital in Concord. At 3:42 a.m., Jennifer and Christopher Mullin of Bolton welcomed Camden James, weighing 6 pounds, 3½ ounces. Sofia Grace followed at 2:46 p.m. weighing 5 pounds, 10½ ounces, born to Jenilee and Gregory Mullin of Westborough.

“We had joked about this a few times, that if Sofia ended up arriving a couple of weeks late, and Camden arrived a couple of weeks early, they might end up sharing a birthday,” Christopher said. “But not one of us ever imagined it would actually happen!"

Since Jennifer’s due date wasn’t until Aug. 21, she went to work as usual on Monday, helped get dinner ready, put her 13-month old son to bed and was cleaning the house when her water broke. Jenilee, whose due date was Aug. 2, was already at Emerson Hospital when she received the text message around 9:30 p.m. from her sister-in-law alerting them of her impending arrival.

“She was in the middle of labor when she got here,” Jenilee said, “but we were taking pictures and having a grand old time.”

Both moms enjoyed smooth pregnancies, with Jennifer assisted by Christine Thomas, MD and Jenilee assisted by Richard Rubin, MD, both of Concord OB/GYN Associates in Concord and Westford. Jenilee said she especially appreciated the one-on-one nursing support throughout her delivery, since Sofia is her first child. “Everyone is just wonderful,” she said. “I’ve been so well taken care of that if I was pregnant and moved, I’d still come back here!”

Camden is Jennifer and Christopher’s second child; their older son, Bradyn Lucas, was born at Emerson Hospital on June 22, 2011. “All the staff here is amazing,” Jennifer agreed. “I feel so comfortable, so at home.”

With their dark hair and similar size, Jennifer said the cousins almost look like twins. They will even share a godfather: Christopher and Gregory’s oldest brother, George Mullin Jr. In fact, Jennifer said she is reminded of the movie “Father of the Bride Part II” in which the mother and daughter go into labor at the same time. Jenilee agreed, especially since Christopher and his parents used to own a video store.

“It really does feel like something out of a movie,” Jenilee said.

While there has been a lot of laughter, Gregory said he has appreciated being able to share this experience with family. “We’ve definitely been joking,” he said, “but waking up and being able to go across the hall to visit my brother, sister-in-law and nephew has truly been special.”

Caption: The extended Mullin family was blessed twice on Tuesday, July 31, with babies born to brothers at Emerson Hospital in Concord. From left to right: Jennifer, Christopher and baby Camden James Mullin of Bolton, with Gregory, Jenilee and baby Sofia Mullin of Westborough.

Emerson Hospital is a multi-site health system headquartered in Concord, Mass., with additional facilities in Sudbury, Groton, and Westford. The 179-bed hospital provides advanced medical services to more than 300,000 individuals in 25 towns. To learn more, visit www.emersonhospital.org.