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3/14/11: Concord artist renews her love of the local area

Carole Parrish loves to paint images of Cape Cod.  She was born in Boston and has lived most of her life there.  But, for 20 years, she lived in Ohio—land-locked and far away from the ocean and beaches that she loved.  During that time, her appreciation and love for the Massachusetts landscape was heightened.  Although she believes her time in Ohio was “rich and wonderful,” she saw her return to Boston as a real homecoming.

From April 11 - June 13, 2011, her work will be displayed at Emerson Hospital in an art show sponsored by the Emerson Hospital Auxiliary. 

What has captivated her since her return are the salt marshes. She finds their beauty “serene and wild, obvious and mysterious.”  She is drawn to the vastness of the marshes, to the sense of spaciousness she encounters there. Parrish feels that the marshes are a counterpoint to life as we know it.  “Where our lives are filled with sound bites, the marshes know a stunning silence; where our lives are in constant motion, the marshes are deeply still; where we tend to go from one thing to another, covering a lot of ground, the marshes run deep,” she said.

Parrish is a landscape painter; in addition to marshes, she loves to paint cranberry bogs, trees, barns, pump houses, and light-filled spaces. She paints with pastels, oils, and acrylics.  Pastel is her favorite medium.  The layering of colors along with the play between dark and light allows for the creation of a variety of moods. Light is the magic of the landscape for her. When she paints, she likes to pour light onto a landscape and watch how it defines color and creates contrasts. Her hope is that the viewer is drawn into the scene and can experience his or her own emotional reaction.

Parrish began her professional artistic career in 1980 as a graphic designer and then as an art director for the Genesis Project in New York City.  After a move to Cincinnati, Ohio, she freelanced and taught graphic design at a local college. Since then, she has worked in fiber art, oil, acrylic, and pastel. She is a member of Depot Square Artists, Concord Art Association and has a studio at Emerson Umbrella.

Parrish is grateful to be back in Massachusetts. She spends as much time as she can on Cape Cod. The salt marshes and cranberry bogs provide ample subject matter and continue to inspire her.

The Emerson Hospital Auxiliary supports the hospital through community awareness, patient support, and fundraising activities.  Anyone interested in becoming a member or learning about the Auxiliary should contact Karen McCarthy at 978-371-2133. Visitors to the hospital may purchase the photographs, and 25% of the sale price goes to the hospital. 

"Pump House"