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6/15/11: Robert Moll art displayed by Emerson Hospital Auxiliary

From June 15 through August 15, the Emerson Hospital Auxiliary will display photographs by Robert Moll.  Now retired, Moll is from Chelmsford and has been a commercial photographer for 40 years.  He has an extensive portfolio of photography shot for magazines and catalogs—first in New York for 25 years and then in New England for 15 years.

He is currently a member of the faculty of the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln.  He also teaches classes in digital photography in the community education division of Chelmsford High School and at Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston. 

He will display “Flor-Illusions” at Emerson Hospital—a series of flower photographs.  In this work, he attempts to blur the distinction between photography and painting.  He uses multiple imaging and manipulation.  Straightforward photographic representation is bypassed in favor of design and composition, and the subject matter is altered to enhance the individual photograph.  This would not be possible without the tools made available to digital photography.

The photograph shown is a plant called “Jimson Weed.”  “It was growing in the common area of my condo complex,” said Moll.  “Since the plant is actually a hallucinogenic, it seemed appropriate to create a hallucinatory background for it.  I also used this effect because it is somewhat in the style of Georgia O’Keefe, whose work I really admire.”

Moll is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in English and education, and of the Los Angeles Art Center School (now called the Art Center College of Design) with a degree in art.

The Emerson Hospital Auxiliary supports the hospital through community awareness, patient support, and fundraising activities.  Anyone interested in becoming a member or learning about the Auxiliary should contact Karen McCarthy at 978-371-2133. Visitors to the hospital may purchase the photographs, and 25% of the sale price goes to the hospital. 

"Jimson Weed"