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11/1/11: Grant supports purchase of infant CPR kits

Thanks to a recent grant from the Alice Eaton Fund, babies who stay in Emerson Hospital’s special care nursery are going home with an infant CPR kit. The funding for the innovative pilot program also includes in-hospital training for parents by nursing staff. Alice Eaton, a Stow resident who died in 1992, left funds to support care for area children.
Developed in coordination with the American Academy of Pediatrics and using the learning technology of Laerdal Medical (a manufacturer of training products), Infant CPR Anytime kits (which include a mini-baby mannequin and an instructional DVD) contain everything needed for a lay individual to learn infant CPR and relief of choking.
Because the training materials are in a take-home kit, the Infant CPR Anytime program allows families, friends, grandparents, siblings, nannies, and anyone who has contact caring for infants to learn the core skills of infant CPR and relief of choking in just 20 minutes. “The kits not only streamline the teaching process but allow our families to practice as many times as they need to feel comfortable,” said Mary McCormack, a nurse in the special care nursery, who along with several of her nursing colleagues is certified in the care of moderately ill infants. “Because they take the kits home, parents can teach members of their families as well.”
Emerson’s special care nursery cares for newborns who have complications requiring a more intensive level of care.  Approximately 150 babies are treated annually at Emerson’s special care nursery. These babies are at a higher risk for life-threatening events, particularly infant sleep apnea and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome. For these babies, “a caregiver’s quick response by use of infant CPR can be life-saving,” said McCormack.