Community Benefits Advisory Group

Emerson Hospital Community Benefits Advisory Group Charter

The Emerson Hospital Community Benefits Advisory Group is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors. It assists the Board in overseeing the organization’s responsibilities to the communities it serves. It shall meet at least three times per year.

The Emerson Hospital Community Benefits Program has a strong track record of developing collaborative efforts with the communities we serve. We have identified community needs through a comprehensive health needs assessment, developed partnerships with different groups to address public health issues and leveraged other resources. Given the importance of community benefit, it is a best practice among non-profit health systems to have such a group advising the Board. The Board believes the establishment of this group is one such way to demonstrate leadership and support for this program. It will strengthen our community benefits organizational commitment, accountability and competence.

Number, qualifications and mode of appointment

The Advisory Group shall be comprised of at least two Board members, appointed by the Board Chair. Each member of the group shall be free of any relationship that, in the opinion of the Board Chair, would interfere with his or her individual exercise of independent judgment. The ideal composition will represent a cross-section of the diverse communities Emerson serves including, but not limited to, the elderly, youth and vulnerable/underserved populations. Ideal composition would be 8–10 individuals who will be appointed annually. The Group will be chaired by a member of the Board with staff support from the Vice President of Planning and Market Development and may include Emerson Hospital leaders from relevant departments.

The Advisory Group shall have the following responsibilities:

The Committee will have the authority to recommend the community benefits mission, vision priorities and actions to the Governance Committee of the Board which will review and recommend to the Board for approval.

Emerson Hospital's 2014 Community Benefit Report

2015 Emerson Hospital CHNA Executive Summary and Implementation Plan
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