Polo Emergency Center

You can count on us in an emergency.

The Polo Emergency Center is always open for you. Located at Emerson Hospital’s Concord, Massachusetts, Main Campus, our fully equipped, 22-bed department is staffed by board-certified physicians and nurses with specialized emergency medicine training. So while we hope you don’t need to visit our Emergency Department, we’re ready just in case.

Inside the Polo Emergency Center, you’ll find:

Your team. Your hospital.

Unlike many other emergency departments, you’ll always see a board-certified physician at the Polo Emergency Center. Our urgent care team takes every condition seriously and recognizes that serious situations require special care. That’s why Emerson Hospital is designated a Primary Stroke Service by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, which recognizes that our staff is equipped to diagnose and treat stroke upon arrival—because seconds count.

Patients requiring highly specialized tertiary care, such as severe burns or cardiac surgery, are treated and transported to a tertiary facility either via ambulance or helicopter as circumstances warrant.

The Polo Emergency Center is named for Violet and Vincent Polo in recognition of their incredible generosity.

Your experience at the Polo Emergency Center.

Upon your arrival, a triage nurse will determine the nature and immediacy of your problem. X-rays or lab tests may be performed to help the emergency physician evaluate you more efficiently. Following this assessment, you may be taken directly to a treatment room, be registered by the admitting secretary or be directed to an urgent care suite if your condition is less critical.

While we make every effort to expedite your care, please understand that patients are treated based on the urgency of medical need. The seriously ill and injured must be seen first. If your condition requires follow-up evaluation and treatment, we’ll provide you with appropriate referral information prior to departure.

Get the most out of your visit:

If you have any questions or concerns about your visit, please ask your nurse, physician or any other staff member.

Serious treatment of less critical conditions.

The Olsen Emergency Care Center provides compassionate and rapid treatment for non life-threatening emergencies and less acute illnesses and injuries. Open during peak hours, we work in tandem with the Polo Emergency Center to offer you more privacy and shorter wait times while still being cared for by the same highly-trained, board-certified emergency physicians, nurses and technicians.

The Olsen Emergency Care Center is named for Ken and Aulikki Olsen in recognition of their incredible generosity.