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Center for Specialty Care

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Bone and Joint Center

The Bone and Joint Center delivers a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services.

Clough Surgical Center

The Clough Surgical Center provides advanced medical procedures and compassionate care in an innovative facility.

Foot Surgery

Podiatric Surgery

Emerson Hospital’s podiatrists are board-certified foot surgeons who manage bone, joint and soft tissue disorders of the foot and associated structures. Most foot surgery at Emerson is performed on an outpatient basis as day surgery.

Podiatric surgeons perform:

  • Reconstructive foot surgery
  • Sports medicine procedures
  • Assessment of running biomechanics
  • Bunion surgery
  • Correction of hammer, mallet and claw toes
  • Removal of plantar corns
  • Treatment of neuromas
  • Plantar fasciitis surgery
  • Removal of cysts and ganglions
  • Removal of bone spurs
  • Correction of Achilles tendon problems