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A hospitalist is an internal medicine physician whose primary focus is the medical care of hospitalized patients. A hospitalist does not have a medical practice outside of the hospital, so they are able to focus all of their attention on patients in the hospital.

A hospitalist will see a patient each day that they are in the hospital and is available throughout the day to answer questions from a patient or their family.

The Hospitalist Program at Emerson Hospital

When a hospitalist visits with a patient at Emerson, it is oftentimes at the request of their primary care doctor. The hospitalist will evaluate the patient’s condition and communicate with their primary care doctor about treatment and progress, ensuring a smooth transition after the patient is discharged from the hospital.

The Advantages of Being Cared for by a Hospitalist

The hospitalists at Emerson work as a team. They are available day and night and are accessible in case of emergencies or whenever concerns arise. The hospitalist team is familiar with all departments within the hospital and can more easily coordinate needed care, ensuring fast turnaround of tests and treatments. The hospitalist team also takes the lead on a number of projects that improve the quality and safety of care provided at Emerson.

What if a Patient Needs a Primary Care Doctor?

If an inpatient does not have a primary care doctor at discharge, the attending hospitalist can help the patient find an Emerson primary care physician who is taking new patients.