Emerson Hospital offers a full spectrum of obstetric and gynecologic services to women of all ages. With offices in ConcordLeominster and Westford, Massachusetts, the board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists on our staff, along with a certified nurse-midwife, provide comprehensive gynecologic care, family planning, prenatal and obstetric care and menopause management.

Obstetric Services

Pain management options in childbirth

Birthing Center staff members are supportive of each woman’s needs and choices around pain control in childbirth and offer a number of resources to make each delivery as personal and comfortable as possible.

Women who prefer a natural childbirth experience are encouraged and supported at the Birthing Center. Resources such as acupuncture, natural childbirth and aromatherapy are available to make each delivery as comfortable as possible.

Anesthesia physicians experienced in pain control during childbirth are in the hospital 24x7. A variety of anesthetic techniques are available including:

Support Services and Groups

Emerson offers a wide range of prenatal childbirth care classes as well as community health and wellness programs and classes designed to provide women with up-to-date information so they can take care of their health and make informed health care decisions. These programs address a wide range of topics including sports medicine, cosmetic surgery, heart-healthy eating with cooking demonstrations, the latest information on preventing and treating heart disease, programs that use hypnosis to help participants quit smoking or lose weight, and stress reduction programs that use yoga, meditation, Reiki and Qigong.


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