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When your child is a patient at Emerson Hospital, both you and your child benefit from the advanced pediatric care of expert pediatricians, pediatric hospitalists, neonatologists, pediatric medical, surgical and psychiatric sub-specialists, pediatric nurses, child life specialists, technicians and support staff.

This comprehensive team administers the most current technologies and treatments in caring for your child, while remaining sensitive to the emotional and psychological needs of children of all ages. Each child who enters the hospital may expect to receive quality child and family-centered pediatric medical care integrated with positive and holistic emotional care as well. Your expertise as a parent is respected as a highly valued part of your child’s total care.

Board-Certified Pediatric Hospitalists

The hospital supports your pediatrician’s care with 24-hour coverage by a pediatric hospitalist. A pediatric hospitalist is a board-certified pediatrician whose primary focus is the medical care of hospitalized patients including those at the Polo Emergency Center. Hospitalists do not have a medical practice outside of the hospital, so they are able to focus all of their attention on children in the hospital. This extra measure of care assures that your child can receive immediate, expert attention any time, day or night.

Emerson Hospital-Mass General for Children Pediatric Subspecialty Program

Affiliations with Boston teaching hospitals allow children to receive world-renowned care in a convenient, child-friendly setting that is individually tailored to your child’s particular health needs. Should the need arise, the Emerson Hospital-Mass General for Children Pediatric Subspecialty Program offers outpatient specialty care in gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, pulmonology and pediatric surgery.

Pediatric Intervention Team

The Pediatric Intervention Team is an integral part of pediatric care at Emerson Hospital. Its mission is to provide for the emotional well-being of children encountering the hospital environment, to minimize the disruptive aspects of a child’s hospital experience, and to maximize the chances for emotional growth. The team includes a pediatric psychiatric registered nurse, two child life specialists, as well as a consulting child psychiatrist. The team works with children and families who are undergoing emergency treatment, accompanies young patients to surgery and is on hand to offer support before, during and after stressful inpatient/outpatient medical procedures.

In-Patient Pediatric Unit

For the nurses and support personnel who work in the Emerson’s Pediatric Unit, your child’s physical and emotional health are of paramount concern. They share years of experience in pediatric care and they encourage your participation in your child’s care and recovery. As a parent, you are welcome on the unit 24 hours a day and your meals are complimentary. A bed or other accommodation will be provided if you choose to stay overnight. Emerson’s Pediatric Unit includes private and semi-private patient rooms, an isolation room with special ventilation system for preventing the spread of infectious disease, a brightly decorated playroom stocked with a variety of age-appropriate toys and activities and a separate treatment room. A spacious lounge provides a pleasant spot for parents and visitors.

During your child’s inpatient hospital stay, the pediatric intervention team creates a child-friendly atmosphere and offers diversional and therapeutic play. The team helps the pediatric patient and family understand the child’s illness, surgery and treatments necessary for getting better. It supports children’s feelings throughout a medical procedure and teaches coping strategies.

For psychosomatic and emotional health concerns, psychiatric consultations are available for pediatric inpatients when requested by your pediatrician. A consultation includes the services of the team’s child psychiatric nurse clinical specialist and child psychiatrist, in collaboration with the pediatrician and health care team.

Other pediatric services available include pediatric surgical services, pediatric emergency services, pediatric neurology, pediatric imaging services, outpatient pediatric nutrition services and pediatric community outreach and support services.