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Keys to Independence


Evidence-Based Driver Assessment Program

Geared toward adults who have undergone a change in health status, this program consists of two sessions with a certified occupational therapist. The first session is a clinical evaluation. If qualified, an on-road driving test with a certified driving instructor follows.

  • If you, a loved one, or a clinician is concerned about your safety while driving, you will need to request a referral (required) from your Primary Care Physician or Specialist for this program.
  • Cost is $350 for the clinical assessment and is payable by the patient at the time of scheduling.
  • Upon completion of the clinical evaluation, you will be scheduled for an on-road assessment, if qualified. There is an additional fee paid directly to an independent certified driver instructor, estimated cost $200.
  • The occupational therapist who performed your assessment will accompany you on the driving test. If you should require additional occupational therapy training, a rate of $100/hr will apply.
  • Cost and fees are subject to change.

To schedule an assessment, call the Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies at 978-287-8244.