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Three times a year, Emerson produces Health Works magazine, featuring inspiring patient stories, heath and wellness tips, upcoming events, updates on our services, recipes, and much more.

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Winter 2023
• On the Right Trail to Breast Cancer Recovery
• Letting Go: Find Freedom from Hoarding
• A Beautiful Recovery After a Traumatic Hip Fracture
• Regaining Control With Help from Emerson Gastroenterology
• 7 Sleep Tips to Help You Catch More Z's
• Surgical Weight Loss Provides Transforming Treatment for Obesity
• Demystifying Menopause

Fall 2022
• Men’s Health: Your Questions Answered
• Expert, Personalized Care Puts Young Patients at Ease
• Tips for a Successful School Year
• Injured Athletes Train Their Way Back to Competition
• 5 Surprising and Healthy Uses for Mint
• Emerson's Cardiology Experts Help Mend Alice's Heart
• Plant-Based Diets: Good for You, Good for the Planet

Spring 2022
• 5 Ways to Boost Your Family's Well-Being
• Women's Health Q&A
• 6 Surprising Benefits of Gardening
• Helping a Young Girl Recover from a Stroke
• Ticks 101: Preventing Lyme Disease
• Golfer Back on Course After Hip Replacement Surgery
• Healthy Charcuterie

Winter 2022
• Advanced Treatments for Prostate Cancer
• Foods to Keep Your Gut Healthy
• Life Transformed with Revision Weight-Loss Surgery
• Keep Doomscrolling in Check: Tips for Digital Wellness
• Domestic Violence: What to Do if Someone You Know Is a Victim
• How an LDCT Screening Helped Catch Lung Cancer
• 6 Surprising Uses for Lavender

Fall 2021
• Back in Action After Shoulder Surgery
• A Solution for Sleepless Nights
• Colonoscopies Save Lives
• A Breast Cancer Patient's Emerson Experience
• Recognizing Dementia
• Are You Ready to Pursue Your Athletic Goals?
• How Hand Specialists Help Patients

Summer 2021
• Choosing Emerson to Give Birth
• Essentials for a Healthy Home Office
• Sunscreen 101
• Low-Dose Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives
• Suicide Warning Signs and Support
• Recovering From Surgery Without Opioids
• Strawberry Season Recipes

Spring 2021
• Finding Relief from Chronic Stomach Pain 
• Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?
• Addictions: Signs and Resources to Help
• Warning Signs of Stroke
• Creating Your Advance Directives
• More Than a Urologist: Oneeka Williams, MD
• Digital Wellness Tips

Fall 2020
• Allergies, Cold, Flu, or COVID-19? 
• Dealing with Loneliness in Children and Adolescents
• 5 Common Digestive Disorders
• Prevent Injuries When Living with a New Puppy
• Boosting Your Immunity for the Fall/Winter Season
• Q&A with Emerson’s Breast Cancer Navigator
• Yeatts Urology Center Opens at Emerson

Summer 2020
• Students Under Pressure: How You Can Help
• Joint Replacement Without the Hospital Stay
• Stress and Gastrointestinal Health
• Holistic Care of Young Athletes
• Supporting a Loved One With a Serious Medical Condition
• From Bariatric Surgery to an Inspiring Athlete

Winter 2020
• The Truth About Vaping
• Teacher Embraces Life Despite Cancer
• Back on the Ice After Multiple Concussions
• Pelvic Health and Why It Matters
• Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction Recovery